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Agropur urges federal government to stand firm in defence of supply management and Canada’s dairy industry

Founded in Granby in August 1938 by 86 dairy farmers who decided to join forces and take control of their future, Agropur Cooperative is now owned by 3,290 member dairy farmers and is one of the largest head offices in Quebec with 8,300 employees, mostly in North America. Agropur has annual sales of $6.4 billion, making it the largest dairy cooperative in Canada and one of the top 20 dairy processors in the world. Its growth has never been hampered by the supply management system. Supply management works well for Canada, is suited to the realities of our market, and meets consumers’ needs. Agropur reiterates its support for this system.

Supply management is good for Canadian consumers
In line with its commitment to the interests of Canadian dairy farmers, Agropur has taken a strong position in favour of supply management. “With the talks apparently approaching a conclusion, we are counting on the federal government to stand firm at the negotiating table and protect Canada’s dairy industry,” says René Moreau, President of Agropur. “We believe the federal government must safeguard the supply management system, which gives consumers access to a wide variety of high-quality dairy products at a fair price while ensuring stability for dairy farmers and processors. Agropur is therefore calling for the preservation of supply management to enable dairy producers across Canada to secure the future of their farms, their communities and their regions.”

According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study, eliminating supply management could reduce Canada’s GDP by as much as $3.5 billion. Without supply management, 40 to 50% of Canadian farms would be at risk, entailing the potential loss of 24,000 direct jobs. Still according to BCG, there is no correlation between supply management and the prices paid by consumers, as international comparisons clearly show. “All countries protect their agriculture industry with their own regulations – the Farm Bill in the U.S., the Common Agricultural Policy in the European Union,” Mr. Moreau noted. “In Canada, we have made a societal choice to use supply management, based on our circumstances, our geography, our climate and our values. Since its inception, supply management has evolved continuously to remain a modern system. It must be protected.”

Dairy products made with 100% Canadian milk
Agropur is proud to make dairy products that meet the highest standards of quality, satisfy the needs of customers and consumers, and contain only Canadian milk. “In the space of 80 years, Agropur has become Canada’s largest dairy producer cooperative and a powerful driver for the Canadian economy by leveraging the quality of its raw material, 100% Canadian milk.”

About Agropur
Agropur Cooperative is a North American dairy industry leader founded in 1938. With sales of $6.4 billion in 2017, the Cooperative is a source of pride to the 3,290 members and 8,300 employees who work together in pursuit of a shared goal: Better Dairy. Better World. Agropur processes more than 6.1 billion litres of milk per year at its 39 plants across North America and boasts an impressive roster of respected brands and products, including Natrel, OKA, iögo, BiPro, Agropur Grand Cheddar, Olympic, Farmers, Island Farms and Québon. Agropur’s head office is certified LEED Silver. 


Source: Cision

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