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Afimilk Introduces the AfiLab Milk Analyzer at World Ag Expo

AFIMILK is introducing the AfiLab™ Milk Analyzer at World Ag Expo, February 9-11, 2016 in Tulare, CA.

AfiLab uses photoelectric sensors to automatically measure milk components in every milking for every cow. By providing continuous analysis of fat-to-protein ratios in real time, the device helps herd managers instantly identify and promptly treat animals suffering from ketosis, a costly metabolic disorder associated with reduced milk production, displaced abomasum and infertility. Data from the combination of AfiLab and the Afimilk MPC (Milk Meter) can be used to detect rumen acidosis, mastitis and even simple indigestion in individual cows, as well as nutrition problems across the entire herd. In addition to fat and protein, AfiLab also measures lactose, blood and coagulation properties in real time.

Dr. Aurora Villarroel, Application Support Manager for Afimilk, will conduct a presentation on diagnosing ketosis and other metabolic diseases in dairy cows at World Ag Expo on February 9. Please check the Schedule of Events at the World Ag Expo website for more information at

For more information, please visit Afimilk at the Madero Dairy Systems Booth #DS89 at World Ag Expo, or visit HERE.


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