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Accelerated Genetics Unveils New Subsidiary Global AG Connections®

Baraboo, Wis. – Accelerated Genetics is pleased to announce their new subsidiary, Global Ag Connections®. This subsidiary specializes in providing producers worldwide an avenue for managing their herd’s reproductive goals through a web-based management program.

“Through Global Ag Connections, Accelerated Genetics is able to provide valuable tools to help our producers take their operations to the next level,” states Joel Groskreutz, Accelerated Genetics’ President and Chief Executive Officer. He adds, “The goal of this company is two-fold: to offer an easy analysis program to guide producers in the daily management of their herd; and, to provide an electronic means for keeping track of your herd’s animal reproductive activity.”

The analysis portion of the website is available for use through an Accelerated Genetics Repro Advisor and is affordable. Through them, producers can obtain a snapshot of their farm’s current reproduction status, so that an informed decision about the herd’s reproductive future can be made.

“The idea for this unique reproduction analysis tool began with a desire to help Accelerated Genetics customers achieve success with their herd reproduction challenges. What began as a time-consuming, complex spreadsheet, evolved into an easy-to-use website that offers more complete information for the producer,” shares John Miller, Global Ag Connections General Manager.

The producer has complete control of their data and can use this website to help improve their herd’s reproductive efficiencies. The data, including all reports and graphs, can be viewed online anytime via computer, smart phone, or tablet. Further, Global Ag Connectionsallows the user and their repro consultants, such as a veterinarian and/or nutritionist, the opportunity to synch data instantly.

If you are interested in having your farm analyzed, contact Accelerated Genetics by phone: 1.800.451.9275, by email: [email protected]or go to: For more information about Global Ag Connections, call 608.355.5402, email [email protected]or go to

Global Ag Connections’vision is to provide a quality, affordable data collection and analysis program worldwide that will assist our customers’ agricultural operations and help them attain their ultimate herd goals.

Accelerated Genetics is a global provider of bovine genetics and research, reproductive services, and solution-based animal health products. With a focus on People, Products and Pride, the Accelerated Genetics vision is to be the producer’s trusted first choice.

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