Accelerated Genetics Sire 014HO06809 AIRLIFT Passes

Accelerated Genetics Sire 014HO06809 AIRLIFT Passes

Accelerated Genetics would like to pay tribute to Airlift, who recently passed away but continues to influence herds across the world. 014HO06809 AIRLIFT over the recent years has become one of the producer’s favorite type sires to influence show winners in regional, national and world showrings.

AirflitPrior to April 2017 sire summary release, AIRLIFT was a producer favorite with phenomenal type (+3.35 PTAT), tremendous Foot & Leg Composite (+4.08 FLC), and captivated audiences across the world with extreme balance and incredible dairyness.

“Airlift himself may be gone, but his genetics will positively effect generations to come. The daughters I’ve seen are impressive and I look forward to seeing them showcased in the show circuit for many years.” states Ryan Weigel, Vice President Dairy Sire Procurement.

Airlift’s offspring will continue to impact the dairy industry long into the future. Semen will be available from any local Accelerated Genetics representative, as long as supplies last. Now is the time to act and order this type sire today that will put you in the winners circle.

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