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Accelerated Genetics had Genetics for every herd

Baraboo, Wis.  – The April Sire Summary brought a range of excitement to Accelerated Genetics. A combination of exciting new graduates, improving second crop sires and a rise in some key recent releases all made this sire summary one to remember.


A highlight was the improvement of PACE favorite 014HO06344 PIRATE. He added many daughters for production and type, resulting in a TPI increase to +2049. His major increase came on the type side as he jumped up to +3.26 PTAT. Don’t miss the chance to add his elite genetics to your herd!

Another high type favorite at Accelerated Genetics is 014HO06047 Favre. At +3.22 PTAT, he is also among the best of the breed. In addition, his Sire Calving Ease improved significantly with more data.

Second crop success seemed to be contagious as 014HO05359 Cars014HO05399 Kolton and 014HO05560 Emerald all added data and showed solid improvement overall. Their success reinforces the value of Accelerated Genetics PACE program identifying top genetics.

Big movers from the last proof run include 014HO05962 Royce and 014HO06449 Rest. Royce improved on production and health traits that resulted in a gain of +37 Net Merit. Don’t miss out on this Baxter son from an Ito dam to help the type and production of your herd. 014HO06449 Rest improved on production and type and is our high NM$ bull at +637.

High TPI 014HO06429 Man-O-Man2 and 014HO05936 Dom*BY continue their status as sources of elite total performance.

Eight new PACE graduates joined Accelerated Genetics’ active lineup this sire summary. Two Man-O-Man sons from the same family made the grade and can now be called active sires. 014HO06494 He-Man is from a Very Good Goldwyn dam and behind her is an Excellent Champion. He is +2.53 PTAT, +50 Fat, +47 Protein and is a great calving ease sire at 6.3%. Look for him to sire beautiful udders that generate lots of profit. 014HO06498 Enry is also a Man-O-Man from a Very Good Goldwyn dam that is a full sister to He-Man’s dam. Enry sires a nice balance of type, production and health traits. Both sires originate from the Cookiecutter Holsteins herd. This family is putting solid daughter data on top of high genomic estimates.

014HO06434 Presidium*BY is Accelerated Genetics’ highest Net Merit $ new release sire. At +621 NM$, he ranks near the top of the proven lineup. He is a Prentice from a Very Good O-Man and then an Excellent Ramos. Presidium combines great components, super health traits and outstanding udders.

Are you looking for some sires with unique sire stacks to use on your heifers for an easy calving while improving production and more? 014HO06416 Rushand 014HO06441 Gus are the calving ease answer for you! Rush is a Socrates from a Very Good Toystory and then an Excellent Outside. He sires good production and is rated at 6.3% Sire Calving Ease (SCE). Gus is a Hadrain from a Very Good Scoop. He transmits high Fat (+.17%, +76F), great Type (+2.32 PTAT), and outstanding calving ease (5.5% SCE.) Gus providesthat rare combination of moderate stature, calving ease, and high production while maintaining plenty of strength and width. Don’t overlook these two great PACE additions.

High type does not lack with this group either! 014HO06470 Whiskey and 014HO06428 Cury cover the high Type corner. Whiskey is a Shottle son from an EX-92 Goldwyn and an EX-94 Durham. He is +2.92 PTAT while also siring high Fat (+.09%) and great udders. Whiskey is rated a calving ease sire as well. Cury comes into the lineup as Accelerated Genetics highest Type bull at +3.36 PTAT. He has a little different sire stack being a Pagewire son from an EX-91 Shottle. Cury sires frame and sizewith great feet and legs as well as fabulous udders.

We have a newcomer to the active lineup in the Guernsey breed as 014GU00318 COPPER graduates! This proven sire offers high type and ranks in the top ten of the breed for total performance.

Accelerated Genetics has a strong genomic sire lineup with HolsteinJersey and Brown Swiss GeneFORCE sires. Each breed has many top performing GeneFORCE sires offering a variety of genetics for your herd! The genetics offered in these breeds is second-to-none and whether you are looking for type, production, health traits or a different pedigree, this group has something for everyone.

During this spring let Accelerated Genetics be your trusted first choice to help get your cows bred! No matter your herd size or genetic needs, Accelerated Genetics is large enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you.For more information on Accelerated Genetics sires, products and services contact your local representative, email [email protected], call 800.451.9275 or go to

Accelerated Genetics is a global provider of bovine genetics and research, reproductive services, and solution-based animal health products. With a focus on People, Products and Pride, the Accelerated Genetics vision is to be the producer’s trusted first choice.

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