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Accelerated Genetics Employee Updates

Baraboo, Wis.  – Accelerated Genetics is pleased to announce the addition of Gregg Topp, Minster, Ohio, to the Region 1-3 sales team. Topp has been an integral part of the Accelerated Genetics family for over 25 years.

Gregg Topp
District Sales Representative

Previously, Topp worked within the genetics team as a Sire Analyst. He has been acquiring bulls in all but two years of his entirety with the company. Some of his more notable purchases read like a “Hall of Fame” list of sires such as Manfred, Sailor, Ito, Pyrex, Potter, Man-O-Man, Micah, Contact, Kolton, Grenade, CM, Dom, Bowser, Rest, and Pirate.

“Topp has a vast knowledge of pedigrees and possesses great rapport and integrity with the herds of which he has worked,” says Cheryl Carr, Regional Sales Manager. “With that said, he is a perfect fit for continuing his successful Accelerated Genetics career in Sales.”

In his new role, Topp will be responsible for developing and maintaining sales in Western and Central Ohio as a District Sales Representative. 


Jess Peter
Sire Analyst
Baraboo, Wis. (August 11, 2014) – Accelerated Genetics is pleased to announce Jessica Peter as Sire Analyst. Peter will be responsible for evaluating, creating and procuring the highest genomic quality young sires and representing Accelerated Genetics at major breed events and industry functions. 

Peter is no stranger to the Genetics team. She came to Accelerated Genetics December 2011 as the Genetics Programs Assistant and quickly moved into the Administrator role. 

She processed sire contracts and genomic testing of bulls, generated and composed PACE pedigrees, managed/updated the PACE portion of the website and was responsible for ensuring all bulls coming into stud were tested for genetic recessives. She also assisted with picturing cows and Holstein SETS. 

“With Jess’ vast experiences already on the Genetics team, she will be a great asset to the sire analyst team,” said Devan Funk, Vice President Genetics. 

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