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A2 Milk Company named one the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food for 2018

The a2 Milk Company™ today was named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food for 2018 by US-based business magazine Fast Company.

The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food is one of 36 categories that recognize pioneering companies across industries. The categories range from artificial intelligence, to wellness and honors leading enterprises as well as rising newcomers that exemplify the best in business and innovation.

“We are honored to be recognized by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative companies,” said The a2 Milk Company™ US CEO Blake Waltrip. “a2 Milk® is a true natural innovation in food that is bringing millions of consumers back to dairy.”

“The Company has gone from strength to strength both in the US and further abroad. In Australia where our success originated, we have ~10% share of total fresh milk1, ~26% share of the baby milk category2 and more recently are finding success in the lucrative China market. We launched into the significant baby milk category and now have ~4.1% share3, we are also the biggest exporter of Australian fresh milk into China. All our chosen markets are really embracing the benefits of the natural A2 protein and seeing the benefits, whether you’re a consumer, farmer or retailer.”

Conventional cows’ milk consumed in America contains a mix of two main types of beta-casein proteins, A1 and A2 protein. Independently published research suggests that the A1 protein in conventional cows’ milk is often associated with discomfort and digestive issues in people who show symptoms similar to lactose intolerance. These findings were more recently found in the study published in the UK-based, peer-reviewed Nutrition Journal, reporting the improved gastrointestinal symptoms of drinking a2 Milk® compared to drinking conventional milk in people with self-reported lactose intolerance4.

The a2 Milk Company™ works with local US dairy farmers to identify cows that only naturally produce the A2 protein type and process their milk separately, making it possible for those with sensitivities to enjoy real, cows’ milk.

Capitalizing on strong consumer demand, The a2 Milk Company™ recently announced a major expansion in the US market into the Northeast. a2 Milk® is now available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. This is in addition to current distribution in the Southeast and California. Retailers that carry a2 Milk® now include Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Giant Carlisle, Giant Landover, Whole Foods Market, Market Basket, Sprouts, Safeway, King Soopers, Target, Ralphs, Publix and ShopRite.

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies is Fast Company’s signature franchise and one of its most highly anticipated editorial efforts of the year. More than three dozen Fast Company editors, reporters, and contributors identified the most notable innovations of the year after surveying thousands of companies.

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies issue (March-April 2018) is now available online at Fast Company. The full list will also be published in their March 2018 issue.

For more information on The a2 Milk Company™, its products and location availability, please visit A2 Milk.

To view the FY18 half year interim results report please click here after 2:30pm EST.

About The a2 Milk Company™

The a2 Milk Company™ was founded in 2000 in New Zealand by Dr. Corran McLachlan after a scientific research showed that proteins in milk affect people differently. Specifically, he noted that ordinary cows produce milk with different beta-casein protein types, called A1 and A2, which are digested differently.

Research over the years demonstrates that many people who have discomfort when drinking ordinary cows’ milk were able to drink the natural a2 Milk® brand without the downsides. That’s because a2 Milk® naturally contains only the A2 protein type and no A1.

The a2 Milk Company™ has trading activities in Australia, New Zealand, China, US and UK.

The a2 Milk Company™ currently has distribution in over 3,600 stores across the US including Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Giant Landover, Giant Carlisle, Market Basket, Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, Sprouts and The Fresh Market.

a2 Milk®’s products include Whole, 2% Reduced Fat, Chocolate 2% Reduced Fat and 1% Low Fat.


Source: Business Wire

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