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A Shining Classification Round at Busybrook Holsteins

Classifier Tony Buehler made a stop at Busybrook Holsteins lately to get in a classification round. The day produced some outstanding results, with 12 Two-Year-Olds scoring VG+!

Classification Highlights


  • Busybrook S Bailey VG87
  • Busybrook Solo Pip VG87
  • Busybrook Doorman Alia VG87
  • Busybrook Doorman Pia VG86
  • Busybrook Chip Bettie VG86
  • Busybrook Unix Bronny VG86
  • Busybrook Crush Pia VG86
  • Busybrook Solomon Lia VG86
  • Busybrook Storm Rosanne VG86
  • Busybrook Unde Pip VG86
  • Busybrook Unde Pim VG86
  • Busybrook Solomon Pat VG86

2nd Lactation

  • Busybrook Unix Bella VG89
  • Busybrook Solo Miss NZ VG89
  • Tahora Beemer Larabell VG89
  • Karatane Dman Dice VG88
  • Busybrook Ashock Sara VG88
  • Busybrook Bankrl Amy VG88
  • Busybrook Impress Penny VG88
  • Busybrook Dback Allen VG88
  • Busybrook Door Leigh VG88
  • Busybrook Unix Rihanna VG88
  • Busybrook MG Robin VG88
  • Busybrook MG Cloud VG88
  • Busybrook SRB Fiona VG88
  • Busybrook Dman Paula VG87
  • Busybrook Door Macy VG87
  • Busybrook Door Paige VG87
  • Busybrook Jacoby Sarah VG87
  • Busybrook Solo Zena VG87
  • Busybrook SRB Fuzzy VG87
  • Busybrook MG Morgan VG87
  • Busybrook MG Emma VG87
  • Busybrook Gaunt Ellie VG87

3rd Lactation

  • Busybrook Impress Perla EX
  • Busybrook Novo Verity EX
  • Busybrook SB Emma EX
  • Busybrook Ashock Rose VG89
  • Busybrook Beamer Bei VG89
  • Busybrook SB Lilly VG88
  • Busybrook SB Emily VG88
  • Busybrook Beam Nia VG88
  • Busybrook HH Lucy VG88
  • Busybrook SB Niva VG88
  • Busybrook HH Rosa VG88
  • Busybrook Beam Cici VG88
  • Busybrook Flame Gigi VG88

Mature Cows

  • Karatane Wibrook Izzy EX2
  • Busybrook W Barbie EX
  • Busybrook At Bambi EX
  • Karatane Windbrook Mary EX
  • Karatane Windbrook Jo EX
  • Karatane Lgaurd Roselle EX
  • Karatane Impression Paula EX
  • Karatane Manifold Penny EX
  • Karatane Dempsey Zena EX
  • Karatane Damion Patsy EX
  • Karatane Demp Betty EX
  • Lucervale Shadow Min EX
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