A Joy Swiss & Kuhl Kows Receives their 1st Home Bred Third Generation Excellent - Cowsmo

A Joy Swiss & Kuhl Kows Receives their 1st Home Bred Third Generation Excellent

With so much of 2020 being cancelled, A Joy Swiss & Kuhl Kows needed some positive vibes and after their recent classification of 24 head, they received that with their first home-bred third generation Excellent! 

©A Joy Swiss & Kuhl Kows

Classification Highlights

  • 5 New Excellents-4 Swiss & 1 Ayrshire
  • 4 VG 2-year-olds of 7 Scored
  • 14 2nd lactation + received points
  • 5 Excellent Cows Received an E
  • 4 Excellent Cows Raised an additional point each

New EX

Carter Nissan EX-90 91MS
Second lactation Senior 2-year-old
Dam: 2E91 Braiden
June 2020 Daughter x Rosco

Thunder Snow Flurry EX-90 92MS
2nd Lactation Senior 2-year-old
Dam: 2E90 Collection
March 2020 Daughter x Rasta

Braiden Sangria EX-92 95RP 92MS
4th Lactation 5-year-old
First home bred 3rd generation EX Cow-6 Days Fresh and jumped 5 points
Dam: 2E91 91 MS Zeus X 3E92 92 MS Parker
June 2020 Daughter x Jetway

Empire Bruno Lani EX-91 90MS
3rd Lactation
Purchased as a calf from the NY Spring Sale
Owned with Teri Martin
Bred by Jason DeMay


Sunny-Acres Woodrows Ginny EX-90 92MS
2nd Lactation daughter of Sunny Acres CA Ginger 2E94 95MS 4X NomAA
Owned with Charlie & Kim Clark
Bred by Andrew & Greg Evans

Excellents receiving multiple EX’s and/or points

Turmoil Twinkle received an E and her Grand Dam received a point @ 13 years old 4E92 91MS
She has numerous daughters and granddaughters in the herd. Watch for her September calf granddaughter, Carter x Grandslam at the MD Invitational!

Coby Rock Chilli Pepper Peach raised a point now 2E91 90MS
4th Lactation
Peach is Bred & Owned with Dr. John Tryon
Daughters by Daredevil & Cadence

Whiplash Cheetah now 2E90 90MS
4th Lactation
Daughter x CE Thunder Nominated AA Summer Yearling
Daughter x Jetway owned by Jordan Helsley

Scipio Opal received a point and an E now 3E93
6th lactation 
Daughters x Carter, Kingsman, Daredevil

Lebron Shakira received an E and a point now 2E91 91 MS
4th Lactation
Daughters x Braiden, Carter, Drake & Kingsman (Sold in MD Revue-resold in the Elite Dispersal)

Twinklin Sun Brookings Alexis received an E now 2E91 91MS
5th Lactation
March 2020 Daughter x Rampage
Bred & Owned with Laurie Winkelman

First Lactation

  • Richard Snowberry VG-88 90MS
  • Kingsman Novel VG-87 88MS
  • CE Thunder Snowfall VG-87 86MS (Owned by Julia Sprout)
  • CE Thunder Dahlia VG-86 86MS
  • Biver TipToe GP-83 84MS (Bred by On A Whim Swiss)
  • Cadence Wasilla GP-83 85MS
  • Carter Ocean GP-80 80MS (Less than 30 days fresh)
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