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A Classification Round for the Books at Ferme Pierre Boulet

Results from Ferme Pierre Boulet’s recent classification round is nothing short of spectacular! Classifying 3 different breeds, all came out with outstanding results!

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Classification Highlights

Brown Swiss
Eloc Biver Rennie EX 3rd calf

1st Lactation
Pierstein Chief Anna VG-86-2yr
Pierstein Doorman Basic VG-85-2yr (the Bonnie family)
Pierstein Diamondback Bikini VG-86-2yr (the Bonnie family)
Pierstein Denver Caddy VG-85-2yr (daughter of Uno Candy)
Pierstein Goldwyn Cadie VG-85-2yr (daughter of Absolute Care)
Pierstein Doppler Juliette VG-86-2yr
*Pierstein Dempsey Lexi VG-88-2yr
Pierstein Unix Mayhem VG-85-2yr
Pierstein Unstopabull Rains VG-87-2yr
Pierstein Impression Roselle VG-85-2yr
Pierstein Arthur Tinki VG-85-2yr
Pierstein Expander Zoolander VG-86-2yr (same family as Zita)
Fraeland Spring Break VG-86-2yr (daughter of Bonnie)
Broad Cove Dempsey Claire VG-86-2yr
Pineriver Alonzo Dazzle VG-86-3yr
Winterbay Goldwyn Georgia VG-86-2yr
Antelimarck Goone High Octane VG-85-2yr
Lacfraser Impression Lady VG-85-2yr
Brackleyfarm Sidekick Lou VG-86-2yr

2nd Lactation
Pierstein Zokio Gloria VG-88-3yr
Pierstein Avalanche Jolly VG-88-3yr (granddaughter of June)
Pierstein Absolute Julianne VG-88-3yr (daughter of June)
Pierstein Aladdin Justice VG-85-3yr
Pierstein Zokio Lilly VG-85-3yr
Pierstein Absolute Rachelle VG-86-3yr
Pierstein Alexandre Tape VG-87-4yr
Pierstein Expander Zoraly VG-87-3yr (granddaughter of Zita)
Blondin Capture Careful VG-88-3yr (granddaughter of Camomile)
Loyalyn Doorman Jeannie VG-88-3yr (same family as June)
Tolamika Impression Mags VG-85-3yr
Waybru Flashy Mistress VG-86-3yr
Durham Dempsey Wollongong VG-87-3yr

3+ Lactations
Pierstein Aftershock Adelle EX-91-3E 5th calf (directly out of Alana)
Pierstein Doorman Allstar EX 3rd calf (directly out of Alana)
Pierstein Goldwyn Gaetane EX-93-4E 6th calf
Pierstein Seaver Joker EX 4th calf
Pierstein Dempsey Lollipop EX-92-3E 5th calf
Pierstein Awesome Tigress VG-87 3rd calf
Mapleley Goldwyn January EX-94-2E 4th calf (full sister to Goldwyn Julia)
*Jurica Channel Ladygaga EX-95-2E 4th calf
Loyalyn Mccutchen Macey EX-4yr 3rd calf (granddaughter of June)
Lexis Shottle Sofia EX-96-6E 9th calf

Forever Hopeful Spunky Micah VG-88

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