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A Big Classification Day at EskDale Dairy

EskDale Splendid Almah
EskDale Splendid Almah, 6th generation Excellent!

EskDale Dairy classified their Holstein herd on September 22, 2022. After looking through 350 head, the final results included 45 Excellent, 184 Very Good and 85 Good Plus with a 108.6 BAA on 314 animals.

Classification Highlights

  • 48 VG 1st lactation heifers and 8 EX 2nd lactation cows
  • Grand Champion of the Utah State Fair, Ms EskDale Crsbl Amour-ET scored VG-88 with an Ex Mammary at 2-03
  • Three Crushabull daughters fresh with 2nd calf all went Excellent and they all showcased EX mammary systems!
  • The dam of Lustrous PP at Sexing Technologies, EskDale Splendid Almah, went EX-90 with an EX mammary at 4-01. She is a 6th generation Excellent.
  • One scoring of EX-94 and four cows scoring EX-93
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