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7th Annual Calf and Heifer VIP program hosts 215 producers

More than 215 dairy producers from across the U.S., gathered in Gray Summit, Mo., April 8-10 for the Calf and Heifer VIP program, hosted by Purina Animal Nutrition. This year’s attendees represented 145 dairy farms and more than 78,000 calves and heifers.

Attendees engaged in active discussions on respiratory health, preventative practices for scours, colostrum replacements, calf starter management, rumen development, ventilation and fly control technologies.

Four dairy producers shared experiences and successes they have had utilizing Purina Animal Nutrition calf and heifer technologies. Insights ranged from feeding calves to a higher plane of nutrition and the resulting calf health and improved growth, automated calf feeding to reach growth goals and three times per day feeding. The panel consisted of Beth White, Elkendale Farms in Genoa, NY, Michele Rohe, Rohe Dairy, LLC in St. Rosa, Min., Nic Schoenberger, Greendale Dairy in Kiel, Wis., and Steve Adams, Vail Brothers Dairy in Vernon, NY.

“The goal of the calf and heifer VIPs is to offer our attendees useful and timely information that they can take home to make their operations more efficient and profitable,” says Bart Wolkerstorfer, marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition.

A tour of the recently renovated Purina Animal Nutrition Center rounded out this year’s event. The Purina Animal Nutrition Center in rural Missouri is the heart of the company and the backdrop for the company’s extensive nutrition research. The research center opened in 1926 and is a working farm with almost 1,200 acres and 3,000 animals making it a unique facility within the feed industry. Nutritional research and studies are done, focusing on beef, dairy, swine, equine, family flock, wildlife and show animals along with backyard and small animals.

For more information on the Calf and Heifer VIP or to learn more about the calf and heifer products available from Purina Animal Nutrition, contact Bart Wolkerstorfer at (651) 375-5028, email: [email protected] or go to Dairy Purina Mills

Purina Animal Nutrition LLC (www.purinamills.com) is a national organization serving producers, animal owners and their families through more than 4,700 local cooperatives, independent dealers and other large retailers across the United States. Driven by an uncompromising commitment to animal excellence, Purina Animal Nutrition is an industry innovator, offering America’s leading brands of complete feeds, supplements, premixes, ingredients and specialty technologies for the livestock and lifestyle animal markets. Headquartered in Shoreview, Minn., Purina Animal Nutrition LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc.





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