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Ratliff Jerseys Report Exciting New Scores

Ratliff Jerseys classified yesterday scoring 26 head at the farm in Garnett, Kansas. At the end of the day, they had two cows scored EX-95, one at EX-94 and two VG-89 2-year-olds!
Ratliff Dually Atlee-ET EX-95
Page-Crest Satin JuJu EX-95 (owned with Erin & Sophie Leach)
Cowbell Viral Ringarooma-ET EX-94
Cowbell Velocity Bon Jour EX-93
Ratliff Excitation Radiant EX-93

Ratliff Money Dixie EX-93 – dam of Daisy (Nominated AA Winter Calf 2022)

Ratliff Lo Lalala Dancer VG-89 2yrs
Ratliff Muskteer Avery VG- 89 2yrs
Cows maxed at EX-91:
Kundee Victorious Lydia
VF Showdown Glimer
VIP Mitzi Girl
Ratliff Pistol Annie
Ratliff Chrome Minnie
Ratliff Fizz Bubbles

Ratliff Irwin Cadillac

Cows scored EX-90:
Kilgus Colton Galaxy
Ratliff VIP Alaska-ET
Visionary Dobbi of JCB
Ratliff Matt Vogue-ET

Ratliff Irwin Chelsie

Other scores:
Ratliff Perfecto Bonnie VG-88
MM Colton Sequin VG-88 (Milking Winter Yearling)
MM VIP Frappe VG-87 (Milking Winter Yearling)
GMBV Kid Rock Dusty-ET VG-86 (Milking Winter Yearling)
MM Gentry Fawn-ET VG-85 (Milking Winter Yearling)
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