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Charity Returns to the Royal Winter Fair

Charity is coming back to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair after a 31-year absence. The world-renowned show cow last attended The Royal in 1987, where she was named Grand Champion Black & White Holstein for a record fourth time.

On Monday, October 29, a polished stainless steel statue of Charity wearing her victory wreath of bronze maple leaves will be installed on the floor of the Enercare Centre just outside of the Semex Ring of Excellence. Charity will stand roughly 25 feet in the air to overlook the agricultural competitions and be on display for an expected 300,000 people who will visit the 2018 edition of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

“Charity is probably the most famous Holstein of all time,” says Charlie Johnstone, CEO of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. “She won more national competitions in Canada and in the U.S. than any other dairy cow. Charity is considered by many to be the best show cow ever, having been named Supreme Champion an unprecedented three times at the World Dairy Expo. We’re delighted to welcome her statue to The Royal and introduce her to visitors, exhibitors, agricultural partners and competitors.”

In 2014, Canadian sculptor Ron Baird constructed a polished stainless steel statue of Charity at the request of Romandale Farms Limited. Stephen Roman purchased a 50 per cent share in A Brookview Tony Charity in 1985 for a record price of $1.45 million.

“For close to 100 years, The Royal has been the premier place for farmers to showcase the very best breeds,” says Johnstone. “We’re happy to bring Charity back to the Fair and to rekindle so many memories in the company of today’s agricultural community.”

Visitors can see Charity from November 2 to 11 at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Prices to attend The Royal start at $16 for youth, $20 for seniors, $27.50 for adults and $60 for a family pass. Tickets to the Horse Show start at $32.50 and include general admission to the Fair. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit:

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