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39th Spanish Holstein Show CONAFE 2018

On Friday Septemeber 28th, 2018 new edition of the Spanish Holstein Show will be celebrated. The even is being organized by CONAFE (Spanish Holstein Confederation) with the collaboration of Asturiana de Control Lechero-Asociación Frisona (ASCOLAF) and under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Rural Development and Natural Resources of the Government of the Principality of Asturias, the City Council of Gijón, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Chamber of Commerce of Gijón, CLAS, Caja Rural de Gijón and Caja Rural de Asturias.

As usual since 2002, the Monographic Fair of the Field and the Agricultural, Livestock, Forestry and Fishing Industries of Asturias, AGROPEC, will be the framework of the thirty-ninth edition of the Spanish Holstein Show, whose official judge will be Javier Álvarez Lastra.

In this edition, 183 animals will participate from 46 farms of five regions. Nineteen Asturian farms will epresent the Principality with 85 animals. Cantabria is the second region with more participation: 51 animals. Galicia follows it with 27 animals, Catalonia with 18 and Castilla y León with 2 animals. Among the participants, 21 cows are rated EX and 46 VG.

Once again taking to the ring will be Badiola Atwood Koketa (Gan. Dipl. Badiola, Asturias), National Grand Champion Cow of CONAFE 2017, who will try to win the Champion title again.

Together with the Spanish Holstein Show, it celebrates the XVIII National Showmanship, where the expertise’s value how the handlers present the animals on the ring. It will be held on Saturday, September 29th, 2018, following the judging of calves and heifers. One more time, the celebration of the Spanish Holstein Show CONAFE 2018 will be accompanied by the
exhibition of different companies related to the livestock sector.

Javier Álvarez Lastra will be the Judge of the Spanish Holstein Show CONAFE 2018. Born in Ribadeo (Lugo), Álvarez Lastra is Agricultural Technical Engineer in Farming Operations at the Polytechnic School of the USC in Lugo. He currently works as a manager in the team of Blanca From The Pyrenees Research Center, managing a herd of 347 heads of Ponderosa Holsteins, included within the project. He combines this work with the management of a family farm with 24 heads of beef cows. He is a regular participant in the morphological championships in different areas of coordination and preparation and he has been part of the work teams in national and international competitions, such as the European Confrontations of Friburg 2013 and Colmar 2016. Judge of CONAFE since 2006, Javier Álvarez also has been part of the official panel of European Judges EHRC since 2013. He is currently part of the Judges Committee of CONAFE. He has judged competitions in different areas, highlighting the Catalonian Championship 2008 and the Spring National Show CONAFE 2011. Internationally, he has judged in Portugal and Sweden. He has also participated as a teacher in the Schools of Fitters of CONAFE and the XXII School of Cattle Judges FEFRIGA 2017, among others.

History of the CONAFE Spanish Holstein Show
In 1991, CONAFE took charge of the Spanish Holstein Show, which was organised by ANFE since 1974. Throughout 38 editions, three animals have achieved the highest award three times: Argomota Infanta Inspiration, as Grand Champion Heifer in 1989 and 1990 and as Grand Champion Cow in 1991; Pachecas James Gretta, Spring Grand Champion Cow in 2005 and Autumn Grand Champion Cow in 2005 and 2006; and Pacho Goldwyn Telva, Grand Champion Cow of CONAFE for the years 2011, 2013
and 2016.

Asturias and Cantabria are the regions which more times have won the Spanish Holstein Championship, with seventeen victories and fifteen triumphs respectively. By farms, the Asturian farm Badiola Holstein is the one that has won the most awards, with ten titles of National Grand Champion Cow and three titles of National Grand Champion Heifer.


Saturday, September 29th, 2018
3:00pm: Judging of calves and heifers classes
6:00pm: XVIII Spanish Cow Handler Championship

Sunday, September 30th. 2018
10:00am: Judging of lactating cows classes

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