38th International Osnabrueck Black & White Days – Cowsmo

38th International Osnabrueck Black & White Days

Exactly 40 years ago Osnabruecker Herdbuch eG (OHG) started with this show event every year end of January. Since that time the program includes an individual show cow competition with the very best cows of the Osnabrueck breeding area followed by the presentation of daughter groups of 1st and 2nd crop bulls and finally the Top Genetic Auction with highly selected animals.

From the young milking classes finally the white MOH Sanchez Henni impressed the judge Marko Radke (Saxonia) with her extremely firm and widely attached udder. Reserve Champion in that category was the tall and very correct Goldday heifer out of an Ashlar from Kolckhorst-Kahle. In the middle aged category the 3 groups were extremely uniform and finally the most correct Wilcor Champion Katja of Kloecker-Juergens Farm took the championship ahead of the black silky Cor Goldwyn Marimba. Most impressive were the 4 classes of older cows and in the lineup of 1st and 2nd place class winners were finally 4 Ramos daughters. KNS Ramos Darling as the older full sister to the former champion KNS Dorflady was all over the most complete and correct cow of the show and for a cow in 6th lactation she impressed everyone with a tremendous firmly attached udder. Reserve was taken again by Mohrahrend with his deep bodied MOH Cutler Karin that also impresses by height and width of rear udder.

Category                title                       name                 pedigree                exibitor

Young cows            Champion               Henni                 Sanchez x Ramos      Mohrahrend, Ueffeln

(1st lactation)            Res. Champion        Hillary                Goldday x Ashlar       Kolckhorst-Kahle, Haltern

Intermediate          Champion                Katja                  Champion x Talent    Kloecker-Juergens GbR, Schwege

(2nd lactation)           Res. Champion        COR Marimba      Goldwyn x Gibson     Stahl, Campemoor

Aged cows              Champion                KNS Darling        Ramos x Integrity      Niermann, Schiplage

(≥ 3rd lactation)        Res. Champion         MOH Karin          Cutler x Ramos         Mohrahrend, Ueffeln

Daughter groups    Champion                Anke                  Goldino x Ramos       Paul, Hardensetten

Res. Champion        Alwine                BG ET x Ramos         Knollmeyer, Mueschen

This year OHG presented in total 4 different daughter groups to the 2000 visitors from 18 different countries. One of the biggest surprises was  probably the group of Royal (Roppa x VG-86 Jose x VG-87 Ramos) who is a real outcross bull. With a total index of 133 gRZG he is one of the highest newcomer with first daughter information in the recent German December proof run. His daughters impressed particularly by very correct feet and legs and nice and good quality udders with nice venetion. The next newcomer was a Planet son out of BIL Titanic Walzer VG-87 and so the same family from which also the famous JOSE came from. His 6 daughters showed good size and length of body along with very long and firmly attached udders. As 2nd crop group 8 daughters by the Goldwyn son Goldino were presented and confirmed that Goldino is a bull, who sires not just style but also enough capacity along with very clean bone structure and impressive rear udders. The main focus for many visitors was on the 6 daughters of the internationally very high ranking BG E.T. (in some countries also called “Benito”). This Shottle out of Chemello Jocko Benge was originally sampled in Hungary and now a first daughter group was presented at the show and confirmed his ability to sire good strong cows with hard top line and very good rump structure. They also show enough body condition and produce so high volume of milk really easily and show correct feet & legs and nicely attached udders as well. From BG E.T. have been sold already more than 65.000 units of semen in Hungary and 200.000 units abroad in many different countries. So he will be for sure one of the most influential Shottle sons worldwide.

Highlight of the day was the Top Genetic Auction. Already before the sale the interest particularly in RR Model Beyonce was extremely high with embryo contracts > 40.000 €. She is not just the No. 1 Model daughter in Germany but also the highest sister to the highest genomic bull in 2014: OHG Famous (166 gRZG). His dam was just recently classified VG-86 and she is a Beacon out of Regancrest Goldwyn Bretta EX-90 and so a fullsister to the popular OHG genomic bull BEACH. Finally a buyer from the northern part of Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) was successful with 21.000 € for this very promising and unique high genomic heifer. Other highlights of the sale were a RC Galaxy out of Gen-I-Beq Snowman Akilia VG-86 (fullsister to Aikman) and a ready to flush Bookem with high genomics from the Niermann farm, who sold already other sisters to her for top prices previously. For the first time since introduction of genomics there were also offered 3 bulls in the sale. The top price was taken by the Headliner son Hercules, who is out of a VG-86 Xacobeo (fullsister to XBOX) and so going back to the Ralma Juror Faith family.

Lot-no.   Name                  Pedigree                                            Price €     Seller                           Buyer

25           RR Beyonce          Model x RR Barbie (Beacon)                    21.000     Reinermann, Ruesfort     Schleswig-Holstein

5            Hercules (bull)      Headliner x Cara (Xacobeo)                      7.200     Evers, Settrup                Westfalia

22           RR Attraction        Galaxy x Akilia (Snowman)                        7.000     Reinermann, Ruesfort     Lower-Saxony

3            KNS Dream On     Bookem x KNS Dreamday (Man-O-Man)      7.000     Niermann, Schiplage       Netherlands

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