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36 Very Good 2-Year-Olds in 2021 for Bridon Farms

After a revisit from the Classifier, Bridon Farms is ecstatic to announce that 18 out of 22 1st Lactation cows scored VG or better! That brings an incredible 36 Very Good 2-year-olds for 2021!

Bridon Bar Greetings VG-87

Classification Highlights
1st Lactation

Bridon Tequila Dandy VG 87
Bridon V Snickers VG 87
Bridon Bar Greetings VG 87
Bridon Coaltrain Explain VG 86
Bridon Crown Quinn VG 86
Bridon Oliver Vicki VG 86
Bridon Journey Sadie VG 86
Bridon Casino Plum VG 86
Bridon Tequila Amberly VG 86
Bridon Crown Sport VG 86
Bridon Joy Odessa VG 85
Bridon Journey Sarah VG 85
Bridon Victorious Triumph VG 85
Bridon Crown Violet VG 85
Bridon Showdown Adelaide VG 85
Spruce Briar Joel Tammy VG 85
Bridon Bar Peppa VG 85
Bridon Crown Koala VG 85

2nd Lactation
Bridon VIP Enrole VG 89
Bridon Colton Cream VG 87
Bridon Colton Sunset VG 87
Bridon Tequila Ice Cap VG 87
Bridon FP Panama VG 86

3rd (+) Lactation
Bridon Premier Vigour EX 93
Bridon Colton Trample EX 93
Bridon ATT Goldie EX 92-2E
Bridon Colton Valve EX 92
Bridon Colton Volt EX 91
Bridon Bar Pear EX 91
Bridon Cheetah EX 91-3E
Bridon J Vision EX 90
Genesis Connection Dora EX 90

Additional Excellents
Bridon Tequila Vinegar EX 90-2E
Bridon Teq Shamie EX 91-4E

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