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30th Northern Expo Dairy Show

The Northern Expo Dairy Show hopes to continue its reign as a national autumn show fixture and undoubtedly one of the best and most popular one day Holstein shows in the UK when it is scheduled to go ahead in its 30th year on the evening of Friday 26th October 2012 within Borderway Mart, Carlisle.  The show is open to all female animals registered with Holstein UK and there are over twenty classes to suit all ages of cattle from baby calves to senior cows.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Northern Expo Dairy Show its beginnings came with the decision to hold a club show in 1982 by members of the North West Holstein Breeders Club, then a fledgling club.

The 1982 show immediately enjoyed popularity, attracting a creditable 74 head of cattle from 21 exhibitors that year.

We are celebrating our jubilee with the “Best of British” our judge this year is the Best of British breeders Mick Gould.

Mick Gould is a familiar face in the Holstein breed, running the Woodmarsh herd in Shropshire alongside his parents and wife. The Woodmarsh herd is well established as one of the breeds most consistent high performers.

The Gould family currently milk 300 head with a rolling herd average of 12,630 kg at 3.73% Fat and 3.13% Protein. With a record like that it is no surprise that to date the herd has produced 42 100 tonne cows. Families pay a key role in the success of the Woodmarsh herd with the purchase of Comely Southwind Melody 2 in December 1993 a prolific family was founded. Melody 2 is a decedent of the A Jim Mar D Astronaut Gail family and has gone on to be classified EX93(3) LP110 and have a 9* brood cow award, she has no less that 209 decedents including the proven AI sire Woodmarsh Metalic EX96. Another cow that has done well is Cleevale Prelude Lyme 2 EX95 (5) she was purchased in 1995 and now has 22 brood stars and a 130 tonne production award to her name.

Mick is a past Holstein UK board member and now sits on the Shropshire club committee and the National judges panel. This summer Mick completed the set by judging the Royal Welsh meaning he has judged at every one of the Royal shows including the very last English Royal Show at Stoneleigh. His International judging career includes judging International Dairy week 2008 in Australia and this summer the Interbreed championship at the Sydney Royal. Mick started stock judging at the age of 11 and says “Breeding is inextricably linked to judging as you have to identify faults and correctively mate”.

Up for grabs in our grand prize draw is a “Best of British” break for 2 in London. The top prize will consist of Rail travel to London, Bed & Breakfast in a central location & tickets to a West End show of the winner’s choice. Tickets will be available from the committee or by contacting the secretary Ruth Watson on 07788543424.

The first show back in 1982 was judged by Cecile Deslippe from Canada he tapped out P Moore’s Parboldhall Linda Charm VG. Over the last 30 years many cows have tread the sawdust and many exhibitors have celebrated their wins but it’s the Weeton herd of M/s Loftus that have taken the championship award more time than anyone else. They have won it on 6 occasions in fact in 1986 & 1988 with Elmdae Citamatt Dolly EX97, in 1993 with Maeburg Inspiration Mona EX94, in 1994 with McAcreas Inspiration Jane EX94 and in 1998 & 1999 with Robrook Astre Annette EX95. Their have been a few cows that have won the championship twice but to date there has only been 1 cow that has won it 3 times Holmland Storm Flo EX94 from H Wright & Sons. Flo won the championship in 2002, 2004 and 2006 with her Shottle daughter then winning the championship in 2009.

As Northern Expo hosts over 20 classes and special awards with the prize fund being in excess of £4,000 and the Grand Champion prize of £500 up for grabs.  The show committee anticipates an impressive line of cattle to be forward from around thirty exhibitors and holds classes for young calves, in calf cattle and milking heifers and cows.  The show also includes a Breeders Pair class, Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder awards and an award for the New Exhibitor (not to of shown at Expo within the last five years) in the show with the most points.

The evening begins with a class for young calves and the handlers of these baby calves be aged under 16 years to encourage the young enthusiasts.

Indeed the quality of cattle and popularity of the event have been such that World Wide Sires UK Ltd has become the main sponsor of the event.

This year also see’s changes to the committee with Ruth Watson taking over full responsibilities as honorary secretary. For further information about the show contact Ruth on 07583353408 or [email protected]

Entries can be done on line by visiting www.holstein-expo.co.uk.

Entries close on Monday 15th October.  More information on the show and reports from previous years are available on our website.

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