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24 New Excellents at Select Sires

Type specialists 7HO10309 Ernlo Gold Lynn DICKEY and 7HO10999 Regancrest-GV S BRADNICK-ET were both raised to Excellent (94) during Select Sires Inc.’s most recent classification in May. BRADNICK reached this achievement at just three years and five months of age. Both are breed leaders for Type with DICKEY among the top five proven sires at +3.67, and at +4.16 BRADNICK is the No. 9 active genomic young sire.

7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) was the leading sire of new Excellent sires with five sons including the No. 1 GTPISM sire of the breed, 7HO10606 De-Su OBSERVER-ET (EX-90).

The highlight among red and white sires was 7HO10563 Md-Valleyvue CARSON-RED-ET reaching a score of Excellent (93) at under five years of age. This potential August 2013 graduate is a 7HO8223 Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED (EX-93-GM) that combines outstanding production (+1,359 Milk) with excellent Type (+2.18).

Five lineup sires among new Excellent sires
Joining OBSERVER as a new Excellent was fellow April 2013 graduate, 7HO10406 Ronelee Boliver DASHAWN-ET (EX-90). This Boliver son from Ronelee Outside Dabble-ET (EX-91-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) is a well-rounded sire that has earned the HealthMark™, FeedPRO® and DIAMOND SELECTion™ designations.

A pair of Baxter sons, 7HO10248 Hendel BACARDI-ET (EX-90) and 7HO10233 Foxberry Bax MIZZOU-ET (EX-90) were new Excellent sires as well. BACARDI was one of the day’s biggest movers, gaining four points from a previous Very Good (86) score. He transmits exceptional components (+.22%F, +.08%P), longevity (+4.4 Productive Life) and Calving Ease (7.2%DBH). MIZZOU improves production (+1,100 Milk), Type (+2.69) and Fat (+.15%F).

Calving Ease specialist 7HO9173 Bomaz Potter PLATO-ET (GM), is now classified Excellent (90). PLATO improves production (+1,081 Milk) and his daughters are moderate in stature, long-living (+4.7 PL) and efficient producers.

Outstanding results for popular Super Samplers™
In addition to BRADNICK’s exceptional score, 7HO11283 De-Su D MAYFIELD 893-ET (EX-90) was another first-time Excellent Super Sampler. This HealthMark sire transmits durability (+3.5 PL) and fertility (+1.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate). MAYFIELD is a Type (+3.48 PTAT) and Calving Ease (4.4%DBH) sire available in gender SELECTed™ semen. With a Sire Conception Rate (SCR) of +2.7 he is perfect for any necessary summer breeding.

7HO11345 Mr GoldNOaks SUPERBOWL-ET (VG-88), 7HO11141 OCD Destry BAMA-RED-ET (VG-87), 7HO11452 Plain-Knoll PARISH 5534-ET (VG-87), 7HO11367 Ronelee SSI O DADDY-ET (VG-86), 7HO11383 S-S-I Bookem MORGAN-ET (VG-86), 7HO11150 Furnace-Hill Super ZIGGY-ET (VG-86), 7HO11464 Da-So-Burn MOM EARNHARDT P (VG-86), 7HO11483 Mr Chassity Obs CICERO-ET (VG-85) and 7HO11203 Kellercrest Super LAYNE-ET (VG-85) all reached a Very Good score for the first time with all nine under three years of age.

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