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+2096 GTPI Sire Released at International Protein Sires

International Protein Sires activated new genetic leaders following the April 2013 sire summaries.  “Our young sire proving program graduates exciting daughter proven genetic leaders with each sire run.  A new proven graduate, 566HO1185 Bjorn, is in the top five of the breed for protein at +70 pounds.  An exciting type bull, 6HO1159 Bence, was also released with the new proofs.  In addition, 6HO1126 Rockwell anchors our daughter proven lineup as a member of the Top 100 TPI list.  These new releases with a balance between performance and conformation help supply the growing demand by dairy farmers around the world for efficient producing cows as opposed to bulls with numbers,” indicated Ron Sersland, President and CEO of IPS.

Among the breed’s top five for protein, 566HO1185 Bjorn is +70 pounds protein.  Bjorn is a high milk bull at +1,871 pounds.  Bjorn’s Net Merit Dollar rating of +512 is noteworthy.  Superior conformation, strong productive life and a low somatic cell score rates Bjorn +2096 for GTPI.  This new release is backed by a cow family with blue-collar credentials.  His dam is a Very Good-86 classified daughter of O-Man with 34,320 pounds milk and 3.6% protein.  His grandma is a Very Good-88-GMD daughter of Dixie-Lee Aaron with 33,870 pounds of milk.  The third dam is a Thor daughter scored VG-88-GMD with 36,590 pounds milk.  His parentage is free of Planet, Shottle, Goldwyn, BW Marshall and Durham.

6HO1159 Bence is a classic IPS daughter proven sire having both supreme type and notable production.  Bence excels for all type traits: +2.42 Type, +2.81 Udder Composite and +1.85 Foot & Leg Composite.  His +2.4 Productive Life and 2.78 Somatic Cell Score indicate long, enduring dairy cows.  This newly activated sire is a Mac son out of a
Shottle daughter that descends from the renowned Regancrest-PR Barbie (EX-95-GMD) Family.
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A Holstein Association’s Top 100 TPI sire, 6HO1126 Rockwell’s credentials are sterling.  His TPI rating of +1995 is supported by: +1,355 Milk, +2.41 Type, +2.38 Foot & Leg Composite and +1.62 Udder Composite.  A leader among Toystory sons, Rockwell is backed by five generations of excellent dams that average 92.8 in classification.  A rejuvenated source of genetics, Rockwell has no O-Man, Shottle, Goldwyn, Planet, Outside or Durham in his ancestry.

A recent addition to the IPS lineup is 54HO0445 Just Right.  This Mich son has genuine credentials; +2.71 Type, +2.67 Udder Composite, +2.39 Foot & Leg Composite along with credible milk.  Just Right descends from Durham Juba (EX-95) with 215,230 pounds milk lifetime.  Durham Juba is a maternal sister to the highly regarded Second Look Jolt.

Recently introduced genomic tested young sires, include: 566HO1186 Out Done PO, RC and 566HO1181 Enigma.  566HO1186 Out Done is polled and a Red Carrier with +2099 GTPI, +2.84 Type, +2.54 Udder Composite and +634 Milk.  He is sired by Alchemy from a Very Good classified homozygous polled daughter of Significant PP.  Expect 50% of his offspring to be naturally hornless or polled.  And there is no Colt PO or Lawn Boy PO in his pedigree.  566HO1181 Enigma comes in at +2288 GTPI, +2,452 Milk and +2.26 Type.

These genetic leaders have bolstered the IPS proven sire lineup.  The growing presence of IPS through a team of independent distributors has facilitated semen availability across the globe.  Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may learn more about IPS through their website, www.ipssires.com or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593


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