2022 All-Western Competition Online Deadline is November 15th - Cowsmo

2022 All-Western Competition Online Deadline is November 15th

All-Western-22Attention all Western Canadian exhibitors! We are now accepting entries for the 2022 All-Western Competition! Entries can be added into our online entry system HERE!  Entries are due by November 15th!  The competition is open to any animal exhibited at a Western Canada show in 2022.

All-Western Entry Form 2022
All-Western Rules 2022

If you are emailing in your entry form, please submit it to [email protected]

Visit our All-Western page for past winners!

2022 Guidelines 

To qualify animals:
• Must have shown at a Western Canada show in 2022
• Must be purebred of 75% or higher in purity registered Holstein
• Exhibitor must be in good standing with Cowsmopolitan
• All 2022 show placings must be listed

Junior Calf (born on or after 3/1/22)
Intermediate Calf (born 12/1/21 thru 2/28/22)
Senior Calf (born 9/1/21 thru 11/30/21)
Summer Yearling (born 6/1/21 thru 8/31/21)
Junior Yearling (born 3/1/21 thru 5/31/21)
Intermediate Yearling (born 12/1/20 thru 2/28/21)
Senior Yearling – not in milk (born 9/1/20 thru 11/30/20)
Milking Senior Yearling (born on or after 9/1/20)
Summer 2-Year-Old* (born 6/1/20 thru 8/31/20)
Spring 2-Year-Old (born 3/1/20 thru 5/31/20)
Winter 2-Year-Old (born 12/1/19 thru 2/28/20)
Fall 2-Year-Old (born 9/1/19 thru 11/30/19)
Junior 3-Year-Old (born 3/1/19 thru 8/31/19)
Senior 3-Year-Old (born 9/1/18 thru 2/28/19)
4-Year-Old (born 9/1/17 thru 8/31/18)
5-Year-Old (born 9/1/16 thru 8/31/17)
Mature Cow (born before 9/1/16)
Lifetime Production Cow
Junior Breeder’s Herd *** (Group to consist of three females born on
or after 9/1/20 which have not yet calved. Each must have been bred, all
or in part, by its exhibitor.)
Breeder’s Herd *** (Group to consist of three milking age females all
who have been bred, all or in part, by their exhibitor.)

*To be eligible for this class, the cow must qualify in a Summer Junior 2-Year-Old
class. List only placings from the class entered in the contest. In no case will the same
animal be eligible for the Summer Junior 2-Year-Old and the Junior 2-Year-Old class
in the same year.

***Group classes – Individual photos of each of the animals entered in a group must
be taken during the current contest year and submitted with the group entry.

** Cowsmopolitan reserves the right to combine classes in order to make them full
& competitive.

Calf Class (Junior, Intermediate & Senior Calf)
Yearling Class (Summer, Junior, Intermediate & Senior Yearling)
Intermediate Cow (Two & Three Year Old)
Senior Cow (Four Year & Older)

Class will be based on 70% production, 15% classification and 15% on the photograph. Show results will not contribute to the nomination. The requirements to submit a nomination will be that the cow must be scored VG or better and production must be submitted along with a photo that has been taken in the last 2 years.

• Must be completed in full
• A photocopy of the Registration Certificate for the animal being entered must accompany the entry form. Ownership of animal must accompany the entry form. Ownership of animal at deadline date will be the ownership published in the Winter 2021 issue.
• Completed entry form must be submitted for each animal or Breeders Herd
• Photos must be taken during the 2022 show season and show the animal in the same stage of growth and/or lactation
as when making the qualifying show ring appearance.
• Digital file MUST be supplied – Together with a completed entry form, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to secure and supply a full-color professional photo of each animal entered in the contest.
• It is encouraged that all photos be submitted electronically either from the livestock photographer or the exhibitor to [email protected].
• In the event Cowsmopolitan does not have a current photo on file a reprint will be ordered at the owners’ expense.  Super cow competition photos must be taken within the last 2 years.

Selection Process
A Nominating Committee of three judges will consider the photographs and placings of eligible animals for which an entry form has been
received. The top six entries in each class are chosen for Nomination. These Nominations are submitted to the All-Western Panel for voting. The panel is made up of the judges of the leading shows in the current season.
The panel members vote separately and indicate in each class their first, second, and third choice. Point values are assigned as follows: Each first place vote, 7 points; second place, 3 points; and third place, 1 point.

By simple arithmetic, the award of All-Western and Reserve All-Western are determined in order of total points. Nominees with 20 points or more are High Honorable Mention and nominees receiving 16 point or more is given Honorable Mention.

• Winners will be notified by phone end of November 2022.

***Cowsmopolitan reserves the right to drop any Holstein show that does not have more than 75 entries as well as any Jersey show that does not have more than 25 head and consideration will be given for shows over 75 head.

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