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2017 Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year

Votes have been tabulated and Jersey Canada is please to name Charlyn Nevada Emma Ex 95-5E as our 2017 Cow of the Year!

CharlynNevadaEmma_1cowsmo2017Holding four Silver Production Awards, Emma is a farm favourite that looks good but is all business. At 11 years old she is a trouble-free cow that exceeds the expectations of her owners with her trademark of high butterfat and protein.

She is the type of cow that can make the milk tank happy in any herd, but Emma has a successful showy side as well. With seven consecutive All Canadian nominations, Emma reflects high-scoring, efficient and profitable numbers. She is truly an exceptional cow and an ambassador for the ideal Jersey.

Congratulations to breeder and owner Charlyn Jerseys, Warwick Township in Ontario, who will receive the 2017 Cow of the Year award at the upcoming Jersey Canada AGM!

To see Emma’s full profile, click HERE.

Thank you to everyone who voted and to our two contenders: Hollylane Rene Esmeralda Ex 93-4E and Way-Bon Counciller Mystery Sup Ex 95-6E. Esmeralda and Mystery are outstanding candidates who made the contest a very close race!


Provided by: Jersey Canada

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