2013 National Bell Ringer Results – Cowsmo

2013 National Bell Ringer Results

Congratulations to all of the 2013 National Bell Ringer winners!
The Bell Ringer program, run through the USA Brown Swiss Association provides opportunities for youth to compare animal type and conformation.
Spring Heifer
BR   Gebert Broker Pumpkin                    Cassandra Gebert, IN
RES  Beu Dell Precious Adele                 Sara Harn, WI

Winter Heifer
BR   Dublin-Hills Shaeley ET                   Noah Iager, MD
RES  Cutting Edge T Delilah                     Kyle Barton, NY
HM   Hoodstead Total Promise ET           Nicole Hood, MD

Fall Heifer
BR   Kinnderkay Pepper Eden                   Webb Kress, OH
RES  Twinkle-Hill Carter Dixon                  Mitchell Schroepfer, WI

Summer Yrlg
BR   Turnpike View Totally Gorgeous        Jaralyn Zimmerman, PA
RES  Nor-Bert Mc Mint Julip ET                   Kevin Frye, IN
HM   Olsons Asp Tanbark Aspiration         Brody Olson, MN

Spring Yrlg
BR   Top di Mark Flash Jinxi                           Elisabeth Regusci, CA
RES  Horseshoe Hill Jack Freckle               Malcolm Johnson, WI

Winter Yrlg
BR   Pa Lyn-Leigh Denver Topsy                  Dylan Coleman, PA
RES  To-Bran Wonderment Dian ET           Kelsey Ristau-Tienter, MN

Fall Yrlg
BR   M&M Nemo Shania                                 Savannah Brown, WI
RES  Bridges Whistle Wonderworks            Kelsey Trowbridge, KY

Yearling in Milk
BR   Open Road Gus Lollipop                      George Crone, OH
RES  CIE Alfa Creek GS Berta                       Lauren Eslary, PA

Jr 2 Yr Old
BR   Random Luck S Peekaboo ET              Meghan Douglas, WI
RES  Grimm Wonder Precious                      Kelsie Grimm, MO

Sr 2 Yr Old
BR   North Lanes Ag Paisley ET                    Chelsea Skidmore, OH
RES  Groves View Won Treasure                 Grant Groves, MO

Jr 3 Yr Old
BR   Lost Elm Vigor Silk                                 Tiona Tulachka, WI
RES  Smokey HSide Cobyrock Mitzi            Tonya Clark, NH

Sr 3 Yr Old
BR   SCF Mayers Jetway Vixen                       Dylan Mayer, WI
RES  Hoodstead Vigor Perfecta                     Nicole Hood, MD

4 Yr Old
BR   Hillpoint VB Zeus Make a Wish              Christopher Voegeli, WI
RES  Groves View Snickpack Tale                 Bailey Groves, MO
HM   Rolling Knolls Agen Jerne                      Braxton Perry, OH

5 Yr Old
BR   IE Biberstine Coll Rockstar                  Keaton Topp, OH
RES  Voelkers Lovery Moe                            Dayne Voelker, MO
HM   Snow Valley Legacy Sandy                  Jesse Hargrave, NY

Aged Cow
BR   Blessing Parker Class                           Madeline Daubert, PA
RES  Lee-Anns Bellstar Licorice                  Amanda Franck, IA

Component Merit Cow
BR   Oak Knoll Janet                                     Jenni Rule, WI
RES  Overstreet Puzzle Haly                        Mikayla Overstreet, TX

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