2013 Jersey Canada Youth Judging Contest – Cowsmo

2013 Jersey Canada Youth Judging Contest

The Youth Judging Contest gives youth of all ages an opportunity to demonstrate their individual judging skills, and/or participate on a judging team while competing for prizes. Download the complete entry form HERE (includes cow photos in PDF format)!

Deadline: September 1, 2013 (late submissions will not be accepted)

If you would like to submit the entry form via email, you can download a WORD format here (will not include cow photos)!

Contest Guidelines:

There are two divisions: Junior (12 years and under) and Senior (13-21 years).

Entries may be made by either individuals or teams.

Scores will be determined using cuts.

In the case of a tie, a series of questions (below) will be taken into consideration.In the event that the parties are still tied, each will receive the corresponding prize and the subsequent placing will be skipped.

Thank-you to Rapid Bay International Sires of Ormstown, Quebec for generously sponsoring this program and to Semex for providing the photos

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