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2013 Holstein Canada AGM Brings Members Together

The 130th Holstein Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM) gathered members from across Canada as an extremely well-attended meeting saw 400 participants at the AGM in Niagara Falls, ON as part of the 2013 National Holstein Convention. SEE FULL PHOTO GALLERY OF THE ANNUAL MEETING HERE

For the first time ever, a live stream of the AGM was also available to members across Canada. Close to 330 people participated as they tuned in to the AGM live stream and followed along through the Twitter Convention hashtag #2013HCAGM. The AGM agenda presented reports by outgoing President, Glen McNeil; Board Chairman Richard Bosma; and Chief Executive Officer Ann Louise Carson. Ann Louise shared the progress that has been made in her first year as Holstein Canada CEO and the strategic plan that will guide the Association into 2013-2014. The 2012 World Holstein Conference was celebrated by Carson as a huge success for the Association and its members as they welcomed 600 participants from 39 countries as Canada hosted the Conference for the first time ever. Fruitful feedback on resolutions brought forward from branches was heard during the meeting from members in attendance.

Many in attendance enjoyed the awards presentation to congratulate Patty Jones as the 21st recipient of the Certificate of Superior Accomplishment and to recognize the 75th anniversary of the Holstein Journal. Guest speaker, Tom Byers, Holstein Canada Head Classifier did a fantastic job entertaining the crowd as he shared history on the classification program; its relevance in today’s Canadian dairy industry; and how his role of the Classifier has evolved over the past 30 years.

Following the AGM, the Holstein Canada Board of Directors met and elected Richard Bosma, Abbotsford, BC as the 2013-2014 Holstein Canada President, who will be supported by Mario Perrault, Saint-Esprit, Qc as Vice-President while John Buckley, Lindsay, ON will be selected to fill the second Vice-President position, following the approval of the membership of the By-law creating this new position.

The following are additional highlights from the 2013 AGM:

  • CEO      Ann Louise Carson presented the administrative report outlining key business      highlights for 2012. Both registration and classification experienced      increases from 2011. Registrations had a record year in 2012 with an      all-time high of 281,000 registrations processed, which increased 3% from      2011. 252,000 cows were classified in 2012, increasing 1% from 2011 and a      7% increase in mid-round visits was realized in 2012. Genotyping was up 7%      since 2011 with 10,000 tests submitted in 2012.
  • Holstein      Canada reported an Operating Fund surplus of $20,000. Operating revenue of      $11.8 million remained consistent from the previous year. Operating      expenses increased over 2011 for a total of $11.8 million.
  • Eastside      Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95 was acclaimed the winner of the prestigious      2012 Cow of the Year competition for owners Morsan Farms Ltd, Ponoka, AB;      Van Ruinen Dairy Ltd, Lacombe, AB; Mark Butz, Cedar Rapids, IA; and Gert      Andreasen, Ponoka, AB
  • Five      Century of Holsteins Award (1913-2012) were presented to Descendants of      Samuel Dickie; the Muir family; Cloverlea Holsteins; Macdonald College—McGill      University; and Nova Scotia Agricultural College.
  • The      Organizing Committee for the 2014 National Holstein Convention got AGM      participants to “follow the rhythm” as they energetically played music to      get members ‘pumped’ as they did a presentation to entice members to      attend next year’s Convention in Sherbrooke, Qc.

For Holstein Canada members interested in receiving a free copy of the 2012 Holstein Canada Annual Report, please contact Christina Crowley at 519-756-8300 ext. 233 or by email at [email protected]. Alternatively, click here to view the Annual Report.

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