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2013 All Britain Nominations have been announced!

With 110 entries, numbers of the 2013 All Britain competition were up from the previous year.

Taking on the judging honours were the men in the middle at four of the UK’s major shows – John Gribbon (Great Yorkshire Show), Harry Evans (Royal Welsh Show), Elwyn Thomas (Balmoral Show) and James Baillie (Royal Highland Show).

The results of the All Britain will be announced on Saturday 8 March, at the All Britain Awards dinner presentation & dance in Carlisle, held in conjunction with the UK Dairy Expo.

Congratulations to all competitors who took the time to get their animals pictured and entered. The judges commented that the standard was extremely high and it was exceptionally tough narrowing it down to the final six.

Due to a genuine oversight, one of the entries was not originally seen by the Nominating Panel but they were unanimous that she should be included, hence the seven nominations in the Mature Cow class.

Mature Cow
Feithy ER Ruth 17 (4 calves), ER & ME Jones & Sons
Knowlesmere Gibson Starlight (5 calves), A & J Whittaker
Knowlesmere Jordan Diamond (4 calves), A & J Whittaker
Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody (4 calves), WJ Nadin & YK Bradbury
Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne (4 calves), RA Bown
Saxelby Goldwyn Rose (5 calves), R & E Butterfield
Topcroft Jordan Harebell 2 (5 calves), T Crawford & Co Ltd
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Third Calver
Castellhyfryd Spirte Rosina, SP & SR Davies
Hilltara Zenith Echo, S & J McCormick
Kellywell Marshall Brooke, Brian Yates
Lavenham Adeen, Carldanton, Holmland, Riverdane Holsteins
Peak Gold Rhapsody, WJ Nadin & YK Bradbury
Wyndford Goldwyn Erle, Wilfred Maddocks Ltd
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Senior Second Calver
Blythbridge Goldwyn Rosalee, A & C Laird
Helton Goldwyn Clarisa, Joseph Heler Farms & Wardle Holsteins
Riverdane LPT Molly, Riverdane Holsteins
Sahara Goldwyn Ambrosia 4, Utopian Holsteins
Willsbro Berdina Howie, Riverdane Holsteins
Willsbro Goldwyn Kitty, AH Wilson & Son
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Junior Second Calver
Blythbridge Blackjack Jackie, A & C Laird
Ingleview Gold Doll, R & E Butterfield
Moorshard Lennon Rosa 93, RK & SG Miller & Sons
Richaven Rapture Rebecca, RA Bown
Riverdane Talented Ashlyn, Riverdane & Sterndale Holsteins
Wyndford Jasper Betty 92, Wilfred Maddocks Ltd
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Senior Heifer in milk
Carkin Talent Cockle Red, A & JE Smith
Corringham Bali Ashley, RV Winter & Sons
Davlea Goldwyn Pledge 2, BL Davies & Son
Knowlesmere Golden Kitty, A & J Whittaker
Parkend Sanchez Tamara, Brian Weatherup & Partners
Riverdane Knowledge Spotless, Riverdane Holsteins
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Intermediate Heifer in milk
Carkin Golden Squaw, A & JE Smith
Castellhyfryd Gold Rosina, SP & SR Davies
Gravelhill Alexander Hope, Conor McAufield
Helton Baltimor Lisette, Joseph Heler Farms
Sandley Present 92, Vetech & Blythbridge Holsteins
Sterndale Sterling Jodie Red, A & A Bunting
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Junior Heifer in milk
Erie Adventure Roxy Red, I R Morgan
Feizor Jordan S Flo 2, WA & A Booth
Feizor Knowledge S Melody 4, WA & A Booth
Knowlesmere Sanchez Chancel, A & J Whittaker
Loford Goldwyn Marci, AH Wilson & Son
Tregibby Atwood Cocoa, AH Wilson & Son
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Senior Heifer
Aintree Seaver Tellar, Aintree Holsteins Ltd
Ards Atwood Lou Ella, H Patton & Sons
Davlea Seaver Raven, BL Davies & Son
Holmland Lavanguard Pledge, PD & BS Lawrence
Wiltor Snowman Cream, Wiltor Holsteins
Withamhall Artes Kitkat, DB & H Miles
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Intermediate Heifer
Drointon Asterix Mania, Drointon & Black Label Holsteins
Drointon Tabwyn Holly, Grayridge & Blythbridge Holsteins
Holmland Gold Chip Alanya, A Jackson, P Hallhead & Crossrigg Holsteins
Parkend Director Starlet Red, Brian Weatherup & Partners
Shanael Goldsun Blossom, S & L Miller
Treetop Gold Vanessa, LO Morgan & B Nottage
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Junior Heifer
Aintree Aftershock Zandra, F Thomas, E & C Thomas
Blydale Atwood Missy Girl, S Wake & M Gutierrez
Heavenly Damion Jenn, Heavenly Holsteins
Hillbarn Goldfish Emma 4, G & J Watts
Knowlesmere Goldwyn Abrakaboom, Izzy Whittaker & Gary Jones
Tregibby Alexander Promis, AH Wilson & Son
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