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2012 Brown Swiss National Junior Bell Ringers

The Brown Swiss Association announces the 2012 National Junior Bell Ringers

The National Junior Bell Ringer Program provides an  opportunity for juniors across the country to participate in a national  activity. It recognizes outstanding Junior-owned or leased animals exhibited at  the junior’s canton show and/or any other designated qualifying junior shows.

The National Bell Ringer selections, including a class reserve  winner, are chosen by a committee of three judges; one from each of the two  largest National Junior Shows (currently the Eastern and Southeastern National  Junior Shows) and a third judge chosen from one of the other National Shows on  a rotational basis. Entries are judged on pictures and Junior Show placings. National  Bell Ringer selections receive a plaque and are published in the March Brown  Swiss Bulletin.



Spring Hfr
BR Top di Mark Flash   Pia John Paul Regusci CA
RES Dublin-Hills   Pristina Alex Beard MD
Winter Hfr
BR Pa Lyn-Leigh Denver   Topsy Dylan Coleman PA
RES North Lanes L   Snowbaby Chelsea Skidmore OH
HM Blessing Agenda   Nicki Ally Jones KY
Fall Hfr
BR Locin Wonderment   Savannah Alexia Smith OH
RES Round Hill Emory   Destiny Cassidy Schirmer MD
HM Tierra Verde BK   Babs Baylse Salley LA
Summer Yrlg
BR Top di Mark Flash   Blue John Paul Regusci CA
RES WF Supreme Suzanne   ET Caitlin Moriarty

New Eng

Spring Yrlg
BR Fairdale Elite   Debra Michael Barton NY
RES Dublin-Hills Sassy   ET Nichelle Upton MD
11114 Four Seasons Sioux   Hera Jordan Kennedy PA
Winter Yrlg
BR Cutting Edge P   Sherry Kyle Barton NY
RES Miami Hills Agenda   Danica Laura Frye IN
HM Ar-Line Galaxy Lady   A ET Ranae Holthaus WI
Fall Yrlg
BR Nik Nak Legacy   Lolli Lou Nicole Wright WI
RES DSKM Alloy Nancy Claire DuBree IL
Yrlg in Milk
BR Dublin-Hills Sonora Nichelle Upton MD
RES Old Mill Snicksnak   Faithful A J Bassler VA
Jr 2 Yr Old
BR Hilltop Acres Glen   Dignity ET Tanner Mashek IA
RES Reich-Dale Gotcha   Watchin Skyler Reichard PA
Sr 2 Yr Old
BR Bridge View Sunlove   Jazzie Elisabeth Regusci CA
RES Alfa Creek Parkers   Victory Keaton Topp OH
HM Hoodstead Vigor   Perfecta Nicole Hood MD
Jr 3 Yr Old
BR Rad-ical Agenda   Chelsea Skyler DeGroft KY
RES Chrislene Mayers   Zeus Chip Cassandra Mayer WI
Sr 3 Yr Old
BR Rolling Knolls Agen   Jerne Braxton Perry OH
RES Old Mill Snickpack   Franny A J Bassler VA
HM Cobblestone Caesar   Justice Alyson Paige Conner OK
4 Yr Old
BR Voelkers Lovery Moe Dayne Voelker MO
RES Miami Hills Agenda   Daisy Laura Frye IN
5 Yr Old
BR Busy Bee Syndicate   Jasper Elisabeth Regusci CA
RES Manor-Meadows Condr   Schnaps Matthew Stanton PA
Aged Cow
BR Onword Diablo   Adeline Logan Worden IA
RES Cutting Edge Zeus   Ruffles Kyle Barton NY
Comp Merit
BR Old Mill J P   Cresent A J Bassler VA
RES Oak Knoll Janet Jennifer Rule



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