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19-Year-Old Belbrook Dynamic Vanessa Scores EX6

Belbrook Dynamic Vanessa EX6 ©Belbrook Holsteins

At 19 years old, with 14 lactations behind her, Belbrook Dynamic Vanessa recently achieved EX6 for Belbrook Holsteins in New Zealand! Congratulations on breeding a cow with such incredible longevity!

Classification Highlights

  • Belbrook Dynamic Vanessa EX6
  • Belbrook Marco Philippa EX4
  • Belbrook Dynamic Larissa EX3
  • Belbrook Mistro Elisha
  • Belbrook Reginald Calista EX3
  • Belbrook Bart Donatella EX2
  • Belbrook Goldfish Evelien EX2
  • Belbrook Goldsun Esther EX2
  • Belbrook Samuelo Dev EX2
  • Belbrook Shadow Quinn EX2
  • Belbrook Stanlycup Diddit EX2
  • Belbrook TKO Liz EX2
  • Belbrook Wind Addison EX2
  • Belbrook Wind Queen EX2
  • Clover Lane Aftshk Sue EX2 owned with D Pipe
  • Belbrook Alonzo Amie EXC
  • Belbrook Alonzo Hetty EXC
  • Belbrook Bankroll Chrissy EXC
  • Belbrook Gold Dreams Anna EXC
  • Belbrook Lager Lima EXC
  • Belbrook Leo Parker EXC
  • Bellview High Octane Min EXC
  • Belbrook Bardo Plum VG89max
  • Belbrook Drman Elspeth VG89max
  • Belbrook Solmn Emerald-ET VG89max
  • Belbrook US Seisme-RED-ET VG89max
  • Belbrook US Supra-RED-ET VG89max
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