17th generation Excellent scored at Calori-D

17th generation Excellent scored at Calori-D

Calori-D had an exciting classification round which included a new 17th generation Excellent!

Classification Highlights

CALORI-D CRS DBACK RASTA is now a 17th generation EXCELLENT scoring EX 90 EX 93 MS! Just under 60 days fresh as a Junior 3, we are extremely excited about what the rest of the year has in store for this beautiful black cow!

SUNVIEW RACER HAPPY now EX 90! She is due in September with her 5th calf by sexed Chief. ‘Happy’ is from the same family as the #1 bull HELIX!!

CALORI-D GAUGE GLORIA now EX 90! Fresh 80 days with her third calf, she will be flushed this lactation! She hails from one of their favorite cow families, the Sleepy-Hollow Mark Great family! Her dam VG WINDBROOK x EX GOLDWYN x VG DUNDEE x SLEEPY-HOLLOW STORM GLORIA EX 91 was the first purchase CALORI-D made after getting back into it in the fall of 1998!

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