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17 year-old cow scores EX5 at Belbrook Holsteins

Belbrook Holsteins had another good day to report with their latest classification round. They ended the day with 13 new Excellents and an extra special score when Belbrook Dynamic Vanessa, a 17 year old cow went EX5!

Classification Highlights

Belbrook Dynamic Vanessa EX5

Belbrook Razor Danica EX4

Belbrook Marco Philippa EX3
Belbrook RE Lizette EX3
Bellview Talent Min EX3

Annalea Lauthority Delia EX2
Belbrook Brick Justine EX2
Belbrook Igniter Amanda EX2
Belbrook Lager Spark EX2
Belbrook Priority Edwina EX2
Belbrook Shotgun Fuschia EX2
Belbrook Talent Adine EX2
Belbrook Talent Charlotte EX2
Belbrook Talent Victoria EX2
Belbrook TKO Veronica EX2
Belbrook Wind Embrace-ET EX2
Bellview Lavanguard Di EX2
Bellview Lavanguard Lauren EX2
Bellview TKO Lorelai EX2

Annalea Lumi Maggie EX
Belbrook Lobby Janet EX
Belbrook Lobby Penny EX
Belbrook Mistro Elsa EX
Belbrook Scott Helen EX
Belbrook Talent Judith EX
Belbrook Taylormade Dee EX
Belbrook Wind Queen-ET EX
Bellview Milan Chocolate EX
Bellview Sid Melanie-ET EX
Bellview Talent Dream EX
Bellview Windbrook Min EX
Sherraine Doorman Carrie EX

Belbrook Alonzo Jamie VG89 max
Belbrook High Octane Min VG89 max
Belbrook Octane Jade VG89 max
Belbrook Shadow Evonne VG89 max

Belbrook Doorman Elspeth-ET VG87 max
Belbrook Solomon Sierra VG87 max

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