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15 new Excellents at Dryhouse Farm

Dryhouse Farm in Pennsylvania had a classification round with 15 new Excellents, including RC-LC Gold Chip Kozy who is now EX-94! Their herd stats now stand at totals of 31 EX, 95 VG, 55 GP & 1 G!

©Dryhouse Farm

15 New Excellents

  • Dryhouse-M Corvette Jinny EX-91 4-03 Corvette x VG Fever x 91 Sebastian x 3E-92 Sable
  • Ernest-Anthony Alibi-ET EX-91 3-09 Diamondback x 95 Fever Almira
  • Dryhouse-M Time Sabrina EX-90 8-07 Time x VG Jeeves x VG Oman x 9 more EX or VG
  • Dryhouse-M Day Talladaga EX-90 7-03 Day x 86 Observer x 89 Baxter
  • Dryhouse-M Aftershock Pippa EX-90 6-03 Aftershock x VG Fever x EX Durham x 92 Charles
  • Dryhouse-M Racer Hattie EX-90 4-09 Racer x 90 Trigger x 83 Sable
  • Dryhouse-M Aftshk Lottery EX-90 4-09 Aftershock x GP Windbrook x EX Shampoo x 88 Moscow
  • Dryhouse-M Meteor Skyshow EX-90 4-08 Meteor x VG Fever x VG Aspen x EX Durham
  • Dryhouse-M Blake Prada EX-90 4-08 Blake x 83 Mac x 85 Stormatic x GP Rubens x 88 Airliner x EX Stardust
  • Dryhouse-M Awesm Daze-Red EX-90 4-05 Awesome x 3E-93 Reality x VG Coldspring
  • Dryhouse-M Pety Fruit EX-90 4-04 Pety x GP Beau x EX Windbrook x EX Atwood x 88 Shottle
  • Dryhouse-M McCutchen Plaid EX-90 4-02 McCutchen x EX Aftershock x VG Fever x EX Durham x 92 Charles
  • Ernest-Anthony Aileen-ET EX-90 3-09 Doorman x 95 Fever Almira
  • Guided-Path DBack Harmony EX-90 3-08 Diamondback x 94 Bradnick
  • Dryhouse-M Sid Jasmine EX-90 3-06 Sid x 87 Gold Chip x 91 Sebastian x 3E-92 Sable

Multiple EX

  • RC-LC Gold Chip Kozy, EX-94
  • Dryhouse-M Time To Reason, 3E-92
  • Dryhouse-M Planet Lacey, 3E-91
  • Co-op Dryhouse Rashonda-ET, 3E-91
  • Dryhouse-M O Daddy Ribbon, 2E-90
  • Dryhouse-M Prms Dori-Red-ET, 2E-91
  • Butlerview Doorman Fortune, EX-91


  • Dryhouse-M Hotline Quana, VG-86 Hotline x VG Escalade
  • Dryhouse-M Rev Prim-TW, VG-86 Rev-Me-Up x 91 Atwood
  • OCD Defiant Lyric-Red, VG-86 Defiant x Talent Limited
  • Dryhouse-M Brash Lucy, VG-86 Brash x EX Corvette x Bellwood Lindas
  • Dryhouse-M Dempsey Simone, VG-85 Dempsey x EX Time x VG Jeeves
  • Dryhouse-M Crush Reggae, VG-85 Crush x VG Pety x VG Uno x 88 Domain
  • Dryhouse-M Doorman Ryann, VG-85 Doorman x VG Mayfield x VG Shamrock x 93 Cooper
  • Dryhouse-M Exotic Dreams, VG-85 Golden Dreams x GP Day x VG Planet
  • Dryhouse-M Candy Crush, VG-85 Crush x 94 Gold Chip Kozy
  • Dryhouse-M Andres Eugenia, VG-85 Andres x VG Tuffenuff x VG Freddie
  • Dryhouse-M Kenosha Riley, VG-85 Kenosha x 87 Supershot x 86 Chap x 4E-93 Cooper
  • Dryhouse-M Drive In A Hurry, VG-85 Drive x 85 Tuffenuff x 87 Time x 87 Bret
  • Dryhouse-M Solomon Paisley, VG-85 Solomon x EX McCutchen x EX Aftershock x VG Fever x EX Durham
  • Moree Jordy Jubilee-Red-ET, VG-85 Jordy x 88 Awesome x 93 Ladd Jubliee


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