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10% Rebate for COBA/Select Sires Member‐Owner‐Customers

COBA/Select Sires realizes the challenges facing dairy and beef producers today. They are dealing with employee and personal health concerns and practices, volatile markets for their products, and interrupted supply chains while producing a safe and healthy food product. “COBA/Select Sires management and farmer‐led board of directors want to do all that we can to help our members continue to survive and thrive despite the challenges they face. For these reasons, we are offering a 10% rebate on all semen purchases during August, September and October,” remarks general manager, Duane Logan.

The rebate will allow our producers to continue to invest in the best genetics in the market place for the long‐term success of their operations. The rebate will be a credit applied monthly to all accounts who are current at of the end of each month of the rebate.

The highly trained employees of COBA continue to provide reproductive services and solutions to meet the goals of member‐owner‐customers. Helping them reach those goals by using the very best genetics is our driving force. This rebate allows them to continue to invest in those genetics even as the markets continue to challenge their financial plans. We are motivated to help our member‐owner‐customers to remain financially stable in a difficult economy. The passion of COBA leadership is with our member‐owner‐customers as we make decisions such as this 10% rebate and returning 100% of their patronage for their 2019 business in May of 2020.

COBA/Select Sires, Inc., one of the founding members of Select Sires, Inc., has become widely respected for its clearly demonstrated ability to provide the finest service and bovine genetics available in the world. COBA/Select Sires, Inc., operates as a true cooperative by encouraging member input and returning profits to members through patronage refunds.


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