Winter 2014 - Cowsmo

Winter 2014

Stories included

  • Consistently Rising to the Top- Ferme de La Plaine
  • Rosedale Genetics – Passion & Hardwork the  Payoff
  • Passion at Pedrini- Switzerland
  • Norm Nabholz- George Barlass
  • Calf Vaccination Roundtable
  • The Evolution of Fitting
  • Celebrating our Roots -Western Canada
  • 10 Years of Cowsmo Great Memories

Other Features

    • Royal Winter Fair
    • Supreme Dairy Show
    • Cremona National Show
    • Agriscot
    • All-Britian Calf Show
    • NAILE- & All-American Jersey show
    • Mid Fall Sales – Sale of Stars, Global Greatness, German Masters, Craigcrest Dispersal
    • Management Articles
    • Nutrition advice
    • Financial Insight
    • Things of Interest Outside the Barn
    • Fashion Trendz
    • Cowsmo – Taste
    • Did you Know – Italy

On the Cover
Royal Winter Fair Champions, RF Goldwyn Hailey, Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha & Jacobs Goldwyn Valena.  Hailey & Katrysha are featured in the Celebrating our Roots which highlights Western Canadian bred & Developed cows. Cover photo © Ella Wright

Magazine will be distributed at:

  • IDW Australia
  • Swiss Expo- Switzerland
  • Canadian Dairy Xpo
  • Western Dairy Seminar

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