Spring 2013 - Cowsmo

Spring 2013

Stories to be included

  • Al.Be.Ro Italy- The Will to Succeed
  • Seeing Color at Cedarpatch Holsteins & Golden Jerseys
  • Profitability Leads to a Sustainable Future – Lakeside Dairy
  • On the Fast Track to Genetic Progress- Sandy Valley Farms
  • Genomic Young sires – A Success – Doug Blair
  • Fire in the Barn – Norm Nabholz

Advertising Opportunities

  • International Exposure at the European National show Switzerland
  • Taste of Ontario National Convention Sale Consignments
  • All-Western, All-American & All-Canadian winners
  • 1st Group of Genomic Young Sire daughters making their mark

Other Features

  • Gaboo Baby – Haley Maddox new venture
  • Fashion Trendz – Sara Hodgins
  • Swiss Expo Show
  • International Dairy Week
  • NZ Dairy Event
As well as the Regulars

  • Photos from Shows and Sales
  • Management Articles
  • Ask the Hooftrimmer
  • Nutrition advice
  • Financial Insight
  • Things of Interest Outside the Barn
  • Women’s Section
  • Cowsmo – Taste
  • Did you Know

Magazine will be distributed at:

  • European National Show, Switzerland
  • BC Spring Show
  • Western Dairy Seminar
  • Calgary Spring Show, AB
  • National Convention Show, ON
  • New York Spring Show, USA
  • WCLE Spring Show, SK
  • Quebec Spring Show, QC
  • International Dairy Showcase, QC
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