Mid Fall Special 2014 - Cowsmo

Mid Fall Special 2014

Stories included

  • Judges Profiles Royal Winter Fair
  • Stranshome Holsteins
  • Knowlesmere Holsteins
  • Norm Nabholz
  • Calf Housing roundtable

Other Features

    • World Dairy Expo
    • Fall Shows & Sales
    • Management Articles
    • Nutrition advice
    • Financial Insight
    • Things of Interest Outside the Barn
    • Fashion Trendz
    • Cowsmo – Taste
    • Did you Know

On the Cover
World Dairy Expo Supreme lineup L-R Stranshome-Jen D Tequila Red (Red & White Holstein), RF Goldwyn Hailey (Holstein & Reserve Supreme Champion), Eloc Wagor Kandid (Brown Swiss), Flambeau Manor RO Lauren (Guernsey), Vieux Village C Daimond (Ayrshire), Hard Core Rebel Rockette (Milking Shorthorn) & TJ Classic Minister Venus (Jersey & Supreme Champion) .Cover photo © Ella Wright

Magazine will be distributed at:

  • Royal Winter Fair
  • Supreme Show Quebec
  • NAILE- Louisville
  • Fall Shows and Sales
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