Youth Dairy Classic 2023

September 9 &10, 2023 @ Manchester, IA

Judges Paul Trapp, MN and Robert Teixeira, CA

The Youth Dairy Classic has concluded in Manchester, IA with Vriesdale Othello Bianca, 1st Holstein Junior 3-Year Old, being named Supreme Champion. Congrats to Cater Kruse & Carson Rauen. Robert Teixeira and Paul Trapp were in the center of the ring today serving as the official judges. Cowsmo was on hand providing full coverage thanks to the generous sponsor from GenoSource.


Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023

Fitting Contest …………… 10:30 am

Kiddie Calf Show…………..1:15 pm

Showmanship ………………1:45 pm

Judges: Alan and Emma Kruse, IA

Sunday Sept. 10, 2023

Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Red and White Shows …. 8:00 am

Judges: Paul Trapp, WI and Robert Teixeira, CA


Supreme Champion

Supreme Champion
Vriesdale Othello Bianca (Othello), 1st Holstein Junior 3-Year Old, Carter Kruse & Carson Rauen

Reserve Supreme Champion
Sco-Lo Kingsire Boom, 1st Ayrshire 3-Year Old, Arnold & Cannon

Ayrshire Grand Champion

Ayrshire Grand Champion
Sco-Lo Kingsire Boom, 1st 3-Year Old, Arnold & Cannon

Ayrshire Reserve Grand Champion
Arthuracres Ringer Alyssa, 1st 2-Year Old, Alexa Mueterthies

Ayrshire HM Grand Champion
JDH Poker Frost, 2nd 2-Year Old, Kylie Oakland

Brown Swiss Grand Champion

Brown Swiss Grand Champion
Random Luck B Talented, 1st Aged Cow, Payton Van Schyndle

Brown Swiss Reserve Grand Champion
Pit-Crew Rampage Nola, 1st 2-Year Old, Arnold & Cannon

Brown Swiss HM Grand Champion
Kruses LJ Famous Nan, 1st 3-Year Old, Brayden Overmann

Guernsey Grand Champion

Guernsey Grand Champion
Gold Rush Apie Jump Around, 1st 4-Year Old, Laylaa Schuler

Guernsey Reserve Grand Champion
Hickman Valleys S Blakeley, 1st 2-Year Old, Brittany Taylor

Guernsey HM Grand Champion
R-Dream Maker Jinx, 2nd 2-Year Old, Trapper Nafzger

Holstein Grand Champion

Holstein Grand Champion
Vriesdale Othello Bianca (Othello), 1st Junior 3-Year Old, Cater Kruse & Carson Rauen

Holstein Reserve Grand Champion
Robella Sidekick Poppy (Sidekick), 1st 4-Year Old, Cale Baker & Regan Pries

Holstein HM Grand Champion
Waybru Doc Sunbonner (King Doc), 1st 5-Year Old, Cale Baker, Regan Pries & Bralin Regan

Jersey Grand Champion

Jersey Grand Champion
Bambi-KCCK Colton Evelyn, 1st 3-Year-Old, Carter Kruse & Carson Rauen

Jersey Reserve Grand Champion
Arthuracres Andreas Loyola, 1st 2-Year-Old, Sophie Schaefer

Jersey HM Grand Champion
Rolling River Prism-ET, 1st 4-Year-Old, Braxton Steinlage

Milking Shorthorn Grand Champion

Milking Shorthorn Grand Champion
Hard Core Cyride Rylin, 1st Milking Yearling, Tristen & Willow Upchurch

Milking Shorthorn Reserve Grand Champion
Pine-Valley Patriot Jaylyn EXP, 1st 3-Year Old, Estella James

Milking Shorthorn HM Grand Champion
Gibbs LC Cheetah, 1st 2-Year Old, Jadeyn Mueterthies

R&W Holstein Grand Champion

R&W Holstein Grand Champion
Oakfield Rosey Posey-Red (Jordy), 1st 4-Year Old, Cale Baker & Regan Pries

R&W Holstein Reserve Grand Champion
River-Divide Awe Luella-Red (Awesome), 1st 2-Year Old, Keaton Junk

R&W Holstein HM Grand Champion
River-Divide Unst Layla-Red (Unstopabull), 2nd 4-Year Old, Keaton Junk

Senior Champion Holstein

Holstein Senior Champion
Robella Sidekick Poppy (Sidekick), 1st 4-Year Old, Cale Baker & Regan Pries

Holstein Reserve Senior Champion
Waybru Doc Sunbonner (King Doc), 1st 5-Year Old, Cale Baker, Regan Pries & Bralin Regan

Holstein HM Senior Champion
Ms Brazle Royal-ET (Brazzle), 1st Production Cow, Cale Baker & Regan Pries

Intermediate Champion Holstein

Holstein Intermediate Champion
Vriesdale Othello Bianca (Othello), 1st Junior 3-Year Old, Carter Kruse & Carson Rauen

Holstein Reserve Intermediate Champion
Nobland Denver KoolWhip (Denver), 1st Senior 3-Year Old, Macie Noble

Holstein HM Intermediate Champion
Hobby-Hill Radio Georgie (Radio), 1st Senior 2-Year Old, Chesney Speich

Supreme Heifer

Supreme Junior Champion
Rustic-Creek-KG Ringer Julip-ET, 1st Ayrshire Fall Calf,  B, R, C & L Ferry & T & W Upchurch

Reserve Supreme Junior Champion
Schulte Bros Colton Chevelle-ET, 1st Jersey Fall Calf, Brock Hoskins

Ayrshire Junior Champion

Ayrshire Junior Champion
Rustic-Creek-KG Ringer Julip-ET, 1st Fall Calf,  B, R, C & L Ferry & T & W Upchurch

Ayrshire Reserve Junior Champion
Redwood Reynolds Skye-ET, 1st Summer Yearling, Carter Kruse

Ayrshire HM Junior Champion
Designer-TA Reynolds Broadway, 2nd Fall Calf, Hadley Voegeli

Brown Swiss Junior Champion

Brown Swiss Junior Champion
Siegerts Coin Treasure, 1st Fall Calf, Sophie Schaefer

Brown Swiss Reserve Junior Champion
ABS Famous Mary, 2nd Fall Calf, Alexis Blankenberg

Brown Swiss HM Junior Champion
Clover Lane Zoe, 1st Winter Yearling, Lauren & Gavin Kishman

Guernsey Junior Champion

Guernsey Junior Champion
Rolling Prairie B Pepsi, 1st Fall Calf, Zach Danhof

Guernsey Reserve Junior Champion
Gold N Pines Butters Delight-ETV, 1st Spring Calf, Laylaa Schuler

Guernsey HM Junior Champion
JC Drone Applecrown-ETV, 1st Winter Calf, Danica Stello

Holstein Junior Champion

Holstein Junior Champion
Lyn-Vale Master Kenley (Master), 1st Fall Calf, Ava Hebgen

Holstein Reserve Junior Champion
Petitclerc Unix Sushi (Unix), 1st Winter Calf, K Trustem, M & M Sarbacker

Holstein HM Junior Champion
Hodglynn Unix Racy (Unix), 1st Fall Yearling, Carter Kruse

Jersey Junior Champion

Jersey Junior Champion
Schulte Bros Colton Chevelle-ET, 1st Fall Calf, Brock Hoskins

Jersey Reserve Junior Champion
Kash-In Chocolatier Silverlining-ET, 1st Winter Calf, Kennedy Zimmerman

Jersey HM Junior Champion
Vierra MS Eloise Epiphany, 2nd Fall Calf, Carter Kruse & Carson Rauen

Milking Shorthorn Junior Champion

Milking Shorthorn Junior Champion
Old-Bankston JC Lipsmak EXP ET, 1st Fall Calf, Sage Dornan

Milking Shorthorn Reserve Junior Champion
Trilow Bender Luxurious EXP, 1st Summer Yearling, Cannon Arnold

Milking Shorthorn HM Junior Champion
BDF PV Rockstar Margarita ET, 1st Fall Yearling, Suton Paulson

R&W Junior Champion

R&W Holstein Junior Champion
Bella-Ridge WR Madrigal (Warrior), 1st Spring Calf, Ainsley Loehr

R&W Holstein Reserve Junior Champion
Betley Lilyana-Red (Altitude), 2nd Spring Calf, Evan Brey

R&W Holstein HM Junior Champion
Kiefland Prodigy-Red (Showtime), 1st Winter Calf, Ava Kieffer

Ayrshire Spring Calf (6)

1. Sco-Lo Burdette Ravish, Arnold & Cannon
2. Zim Blue Bay Tuxedo 30723, William Zimmerman
3. Dream-On My Darling Diva, Brady Gille
4. Miracle, Kenzie Koopman
5. Sco-Lo Barclay Nargarita, Keaton Junk

Brown Swiss Spring Calf (8)

1. Acclaimed Roxette-ETV, Paige Zimmerman
2. Siegerts Daredevil Velvet, Abby Fairbanks
3. Beaumonde Timeless Fame, Adhyn Schell
4. Kruses Foremost Happy, Keaton Junk
5. Brand D Remedy, Peyton Voegeli

Guernsey Spring Calf (3)

1. Gold N Pines Butters Delight-ETV, Laylaa Schuler
2. Gold N Pines JD Buttercup-ETV, Brittany Taylor
3. Knapps Indian Drone Ice Cream, Arnold & Cannon

Holstein Spring Calf (13)

1. Beslea Allyn HG Lambda Cayney (Delta Lambda), Natalie Besler
2. Danhof Murano Grace (Murano), Zach Danhof
3. J-Volker Latrust 1751 (Lautrust), Cale Baker & Regan Pries
4. Redcarpet Side Swipe-ET (Sidekick), Paige Zimmerman
5. MS DV-Gibbs Hanans (Hanans), Natalie Besler
6. Mueterthies Daphnie (Denver), Raela Mueterthies
7. Sco-Lo Devour Locket (Devour), Arnold & Cannon
8. MS MCC Sumfest Monique-ET (Summerfest), Mallory Nifong
9. Dridge TStorm Avree-ET (Thunder Storm), Kyra Chrostowski
10. Protege War Ready To Rumble (Warrior), Peyton Voegeli

Jersey Spring Calf (11)

1. RollingRiver Guns and Rose, Kamrie Mauer
2. AM Acres Ambition Priscilla, Ella Parish
3. Hass-Acres Viral Brooke, Kayla Trustem
4. Schulte Bros Colton Chiquita, Dana & Madison Sickles
5. JDS Allstars Arlene, Jacob Schimek

Milking Shorthorn Spring Calf (2)

1. Heavenly Phoenix, Eli Primmer
2. Mega Cyride Miracle, B,R,C & L Ferry & T & W Upchurch

R&W Holstein Spring Calf (9)

1. Bella-Ridge WR Madrigal (Warrior), Ainsley Loehr
2. Betley Lilyana-Red (Altitude), Evan Brey
3. Fossum Analyst Dynamite-Red (Analyst), Thomas Fossum
4. BigTen A Combination-Red (Showtime), Rebecca Murphy
5. Fossum Ron Burg Jordyn-Red (Burgundy), Elizabeth Fossum
6. Windy Valley Showtime Spice (Showtime), Kylee Badtke
7. Road-View Over Addicted-Red (Symbol), Haylee Yager
8. Heart-Broke War Astrid-Red (Warrior), Dana & Madison Stickles
9. Bella-Ridge Angel Eyes-Red (Journey), Brooke Mueller

Ayrshire Winter Calf (7)

1. Topglen Reynolds Whitney-ET, Paige Douglas
2. Old-N-Lazy Winning Champion, Alexa Mueterthies
3. Hollow-Win Player Ratatouille, Hunter Holewinski
4. Lazy M Reagan Mya, Ainsley Noble
5. Autograph Crazy Beautiful, Jayse Pudwill

Brown Swiss Winter Calf (8)

1. W Pine Grove Famous Layla, Wesley Winch
2. Siegerts Deluxe Holymoly, Payton Gibbs
3. Stosh Juke Daisy, Jayse Pudwill
4. ABS DD Magical Moment, Alexis Blankenberg
5. Siegert Deluxe Tassel, Cannon Arnold

Guernsey Winter Calf (8)

1. JC Drone Applecrown-ETV, Danica Stello
2. Gold N Pines Rep Buttermilk-ETV, Brittany Taylor
3. Prairie Moon LS Dollar, Chance Primmer
4. R-Dream Solution, Cyntanah Nafzger
5. Gold Rush Lincoln Rock N Roll, Laylaa Schuler

Holstein Winter Calf (28)

1. Petitclerc Unix Sushi (Unix), K Trustem, M & M Sarbacker
2. Farnear Adios 3415-ET (Adios), Ana, Carson, & Colin Rauen
3. KCCK Hatchet Princess, (Hatchet), Carter Kruse
4. ThreeSisters Jubilee Sidekick (Sidekick), Shelby Swanson
5. Stosh Radio Maizy (Radio), Jaymeson Pudwill
6. Me-Do-Meadows SF Magic (Summerfest), Mallory Nifong
7. Bella-Ridge Mvn Morocco, (Moovin), J, L & M Harbaugh & A & A Loehr
8. Hodglynn Sidekick Bama (Sidekick), Regan Pries
9. Nobland Showtime Wrenlyn (Showtime), Ainsley Noble
10. Opportunity Devour Julie-ET (Devour), Kennedy Zimmerman

Jersey Winter Calf (10)

1. Kash-In Chocolatier Silverlining-ET, Kennedy Zimmerman
2. Vierra MS Eloise Epiphany, Carter Kruse & Carson Rauen
3. Underground Milkshake Maeve-ET, Kennedy Drinkall & Lucas Redalen
4. Knapps Joel Empire-ET, Abigail Yoder
5. IrishHill Joey Rosie, Kallie Barber

Milking Shorthorn Winter Calf (6)

1. Lazy M Like a Lady-ET, Ainsley Noble
2.Henkeseen Lottery Risqua ET, Caden Fette
3. Henkeseen Rockstar Skyline CD, Adalyn Fette
4. Hollow-Win St Clare Sapphire, Hunter Holewinski
5. Mueterthies Blaze, Jadeyn Mueterthies

R&W Winter Calf (6)

1. Kiefland Prodigy-Red (Showtime), Ava Kieffer
2. Flower-Brook Dimple-Red-ET (Warrior), Sophie Schaefer
3. W Pine Grove Hypn Rosie-Red (Hypnotic), Matthew Winch
4. Riedel-Ridge Dolly-Red-ET (Archer), Carter Murphy
5. RV-Smith War Light-Red (Warrior), Keaton Junk
6. L&L-Genetics Jessesgrl-Red (Analyst), Jayden Kopp

Ayrshire Fall Calf (6)

1. Rustic-Creek-KG Ringer Julip-ET, B, R, C & L Ferry & T & W Upchurch
2. Designer-TA Reynolds Broadway, Hadley Voegeli
3. Classic Mimosas In Madison-ET, Cooper Barber
4. Old-Bankston JC Rocknroll-ET, Hallie Meyer
5. Dream-On My Devine, Brady Gille

Brown Swiss Fall Calf (13)

1. Siegerts Coin Treasure, Sophie Schaefer
2. ABS Famous Mary, Alexis Blankenberg
3. Top Acres FM Winzit ETV, Peyton Voegeli
4. Just So C Facetime, Cannon Arnold
5. AM Acres Diego Pegasus, Carmen Parish

Guernsey Fall Calf (6)

1. Rolling Prairie B Pepsi, Zach Danhof
2. Kadence SL Shes Lawless-ETV, Reese Speth
3. Prairie Moon Scout Angessi, Kerigan Alexander
4. Campbells Troublemaker Twizzle, Olivia Jennrich
5. R-Dream Maker Jazzi, Trapper Nafzger

Holstein Fall Calf (19)

1. Lyn-Vale Master Kenley (Master), Ava Hebgen
2. Aija Crave Lambda Clover (Delta-Lambda), Madison & Melanie Sarbacker
3. Ms Unix Naughty Nikki (Unix), Paige Sweatt
4. Elon Ron Burg Admire 2208 (Burgandy), Elizabeth Fossum
5. Ar-line Denver Whitnee (Denver), Dana Johnson
6. Sco-Lo Tstorm Bae 2487 (Thunder Storm), Arnold & Cannon
7. W Pine Grove Show Ready (Showtime), Wesley Winch
8. Nobland Showtime Kambry (Showtime), Macie Noble
9. Fossum Apple-C Jam 2205 (Apple Crisp), Thomas Fossum
10. Hobby-Hill Denver Epie (Denver), Gracin Speich

Jersey Fall Calf (12)

1. Schulte Bros Colton Chevelle-ET, Brock Hoskins
2. Classic Ferdinand Venus, Ivy Hebgen
3. CJL She’s The One, Lindsey Gibbs
4. CJL Shoot For The Stars, Cora Gibbs
5. Rollingriver CC HalfPint, Kambrie Mauer

Milking Shorthorn Fall Calf (6)

1. Old-Bankston JC Lipsmak EXP ET, Sage Dornan
2. Top Shelf Lottery Lusious ET, Tristen & Willow Upchurch
3. Henkeseen Wildside Rip-Tide ET, Avery Fette
4. Pine-Star Lone Jagerbomb, Jamie Gibbs & Payton Calvert
5. Pine-Valley Love Note, Estella James

R&W Holstein Fall Calf (3)

1. Red-Violet W Lynnley-Red-ET (Warrior), Alanna Schatz
2. MS Revive Recharge-Red-ET (Amaretto), Cooper Schulte
3. Garay-MD-WVG Blair-Red-ET (Analyst), Kalli Barber

Ayrshire Summer Yearling (6)

1. Redwood Reynolds Skye-ET, Carter Kruse
2. Cost Reynolds Brass Monkey-ET, Jaden Martin
3. Miss HatTrick Moscoto, Addison Steinlage
4. Old-Bankston Pretzel Sweet-Twin, Kendalyn Waddell
5. Old-N-Lazy Tuxedo Mosaic, Ella Jean

Brown Swiss Summer Yearling (10)

1. Acclaimed Huge Rhianna ETV, Kennedy Zimmerman
2. Acclaimed DD Sailor, Payton Calvert
3. Zumback Rasta Desi Rose, Nathen Zumbach
4. AM Acres Discovery Adele, Carmen Parish
5. S-B-S Secret Weapon Placeme, Anna Drinkwater

Guernsey Summer Yearling (2)

1. Lang Haven Java Doubtful P, Ashlee Garbers
2. Kadence Gold Rush J Luxurious ETV, Olivia Jennrich

Holstein Summer Yearling (16)

1. Kiefland Diamondback Raven (Diamondback), Brae Kieffer
2. Hy-View Denver Liberty (Denver), Aisja Achenbach
3. True Blue Showtime Ace (Showtime), Elaina Ihm
4. Pagelsunlite Armani Riviera (Armani), Harrison Pagel
5. Stosh Big Suzy (Rager), Jaymeson Pudwill
6. Wideopen-Vue Journey Dancer (Journey), McKenna Niemeier
7. ThreeSisters Escalade Cadlk (Cadillac), Shelby
8. Hammertime Doorman Renee (Doorman), Paige Sweatt
9. Pine-Valley 1665, Estella James
10. Hy-View Alleyoop Azul (Alleyoop), Aisja Achenbach

Jersey Summer Yearling (8)

1. Schulte Bros Kid Rock Fire, Jamie Gibbs
2. Sco-Lo Bancroft Kayla, Arnold & Cannon
3. Arthuracres Chocolatier Noelle, Ethan Frederick
4. Schulte Bros Victorious Future, Jackson Schulte
5.Schulte Bros Colton Flynn-ET, Kade Meyer

Milking Shorthorn Summer Yearling (5)

1. Trilow Bender Luxurious EXP, Cannon Arnold
2. BDF-PV Rockstr Make-R-Break ET, Suton Paulson
3. Cost Gianni Elegance, Tucker Cline
4. RTB Tanbark Linde P, Estella James
5. GMC Ladysman Magic Mix, Braxton Steinlage

Ayrshire Spring Yearling (1)

1. Family Af-Ayr Dagger Dinita, Danica Stello

Brown Swiss Spring Yearling (5)

1. Wapsi-Ana FNF Jordyn ETV, Abby Fairbanks
2. Power Line Rasta Stefani Twin, Kendalyn Waddell
3. Scenic Ridge Phantom LucyLu, Alexis Oakland
4. Jenlar ACC Wild Ride ETV, Nathen Zumbach
5. Kruses LJ Weapon Scout, Brayden Overmann

Guernsey Spring Yearling (2)

1. GR-Kadence Regis Snow Day ET, Olivia Jennrich
2. Terphill Drone Mirror-ETV, Danica Stello

Holstein Spring Yearling (6)

1. Oakfield Tat Flashdance-ET (Tatoo), L & D Swain & B Kelly & M & M Sarbacker
2. Sco-Lo Aristo Lila 2456 (Aristocrat), Arnold & Cannon
3. Hy-View Redeye-P Juanna (Redeye-P), Aisja Achenbach
4. Protege Sidekick Raci (Sidekick), Peyton Voegeli
5. Jeffrey-Way Cadillac Tarama (Cadillac), Jayse Pudwill
6. Spk-Lene Dreambig Encanto (Dreambig), Kiefer Anderson

Jersey Spring Yearling (4)

1. AM Acres Casino Petra, Ella Parish
2. Schulte Bros Do The Griddy-ET, Cale Ragen & Baker Pries
3. Wapsi-Ana Kidrock Juba, Abby Fairbanks
4. Johnson-Five VIP Belle-ET, Ella Jean

Milking Shorthorn Spring Yearling (2)

1. Maunesha Creek Hey Its Maisy, Isabelle Anderson
2. Heavenly Zazie, Kendalyn Waddell

R&W Spring Yearling (1)

1. FirstGlance Starstruck-Red (Jordy), Sophie Schaefer

Ayrshire Winter Yearling (3)

1. Snowstorm, Brock Morris
2. Miss Bewitched of Iowayside, Dana & Madison Sickles
3. I Rainbow Rushmore Maitta-ET, Danica Stello

Brown Swiss Winter Yearling (3)

1. Clover Lane Zoe, Lauren & Gavin Kishman
2. Siegerts Dynamite Wickey, Kalee Ferfecki
3. Starry-Night J Thunderstorm, Trysten Chwala

Holstein Winter Yearling (2)

1. Wargo-Acres Della Mae (King Doc), Gavin Carncross
2. Hy-View Conclusion Karloyn (Conclusion), Aisja Achenbach

Jersey Winter Yearling (5)

1. Koch Star Fizz Mad Obsession, Brock Hoskins
2. Reckless Nimbus of WF Cashells, Harrison Pagel
3. Kash-In Vaden Candy Corn-ET, Cooper Barber
4. Schulte Bros Andreas Fashionista-ET, Charles Schulte
5. Jo-Kirch Chrome Dont Blink, Abigail Yoder

Milking Shorthorn Winter Yearling (1)

1.Lazy M Lars Gametime Exp, Matthew Winch

R&W Winter Yearling (3)

1. Makamoov-Rch Bralin-Red-ET (Warrior), William Zimmerman
2. Bur-Wall Alldaylong-Red (Redlight), Isabelle Anderson
3. Lexie, Diesel Schaffer

Guernsey Fall Yearling (1)

1. Rocky Hill Pilot Hylife, Suton Paulson

Holstein Fall Yearling (2)

1. Hodglynn Unix Racy (Unix), Carter Kruse
2. Reyncrest A Go Getter-ET (Avalanche), Macie Noble

Milking Shorthorn Fall Yearling (2)

1. BDF PV Rockstar Margarita ET, Suton Paulson
2. BDF PV Rockstar Marsha ET, Suton Paulson & Sage Dornan

Holstein Milking Yearling (1)

1. Pine-Shelter Lokelani Radio (Radio), Jacob Schimek

Milking Shorthorn Milking Yearling (1)

1. Hard Core Cyride Rylin, Tristen & Willow Church

R&W Milking Yearling (1)

1. Jeffrey-Way Altitude-Red (Altitude), Matthew Winch

Ayrshire 2-Year-Old (4)

1. Arthuracres Ringer Alyssa, Alexa Mueterthies
2. JDH Poker Frost, Kylie Oakland
3. Clover Knoll Free Beer Alanis, Alexa Mueterthies
4. Cala-Ayr Champion Majestic, Mariah Kendall

Brown Swiss 2-Year-Old (3)

1. Pit-Crew Rampage Nola, Arnold & Cannon
2. Clover Lane Karly OCS, Lauren & Gavin Kishman
3. Starry-Night D Twisted T, Trysten Chwala

Guernsey 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Hickman Valleys S Blakeley, Brittany Taylor
2. R-Dream Maker Jinx, Trapper Nafzger

Holstein Junior 2-Year-Old (5)

1. Hobby-Hill Aristocrat Glenda (Aristocrat), Chesney Speich
2. Kiefland Select Bristo (Select), Ava Kieffer
3. Benbie Chief Americana (Chief), Carter Kruse
4. Kruse-Swann Hancock Stormy (Hancock), Adrianna Kruse
5. Windy Valley Durham Delilah (Durham), Kylee Badtke


Holstein Senior 2-Year-Old (1)

1. Hobby-Hill Radio Georgie (Radio), Chesney Speich

Jersey 2-Year-Old (4)

1. Arthuracres Andreas Loyola, Sophie Schaefer
2. Knapp Chrome Columbia-ET, Payton Gibbs
3. K&R Andrew Sprinkles, Lucas Redalen
4. South Mountain Rock Candy-ET, Easton Steinlage

Milking Shorthorn 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Gibbs LC Cheetah, Jadeyn Mueterthies
2. Windy Valley Bender Glow EXP, Kylee Badtke

R&W 2-Year-Old (1)

1. River-Divide Awe Luella-Red (Awesome), Keaton Junk

Ayrshire 3-Year-Old (1)

1. Sco-Lo Kingsire Boom, Arnold & Cannon

Brown Swiss 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Kruses LJ Famous Nan, Brayden Overmann
2. ABS Woody Skyla, Alexis Blankenberg

Holstein Junior 3-Year-Old (1)

1. Vriesdale Othello Bianca (Othello), Cater Kruse & Carson Rauen

Holstein Senior 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Nobland Denver KoolWhip (Denver), Macie Noble
2. Trent-Way Reebok (Aftershock), Tucker Moore

Jersey 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Bambi-KCCK Colton Evelyn, Carter Kruse & Carson Rauen
2. Arthuracres Smgun Cherry Delight, Easton Steinlage

Milking Shorthorn 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Pine-Valley Patriot Jaylyn EXP, Estella James
2. Storytown Liriano Jaclyn Exp, Cheyanne Troendle

Guernsey 4-Year-Old (1)

1. Gold Rush Apie Jump Around, Laylaa Schuler

Holstein 4-Year-Old (1)

1. Robella Sidekick Poppy (Sidekick), Cale Baker & Regan Pries

Jersey 4-Year-Old (3)

1. Rolling River Prism-ET, Braxton Steinlage
2. Rolling River KM VP All-Star, Jacob Schimek
3. Kunde Adonis Gloss, Braxton Steinlage

R&W Holstein 4-Year-Old (2)

1. Oakfield Rosey Posey-Red (Jordy), Cale Baker & Regan Pries
2. River-Divide Unst Layla-Red (Unstopabull), Keaton Junk

Holstein 5-Year-Old (2)

1. Waybru Doc Sunbonner (King Doc), Cale Baker, Regan Prise & Bralin Regan
2. Ms Dmdonsher Solmn Brie (Solomon), Jayse Pudwill

Brown Swiss Aged Cow (3)

1. Random Luck B Talented, Payton Van Schyndle
2. Maiers Acres Dolly Snoday, Lila Kilsdonk
3. KE Danielle Tip Up Dice, Kiele Eberling

Holstein Aged Cow (2)

1. Craggan Alonzo Lindor (Alonzo), Cale Baker & Regan Pries
2. Poly-Kow Crush Angelina (Crush), Addison Steinlage

Jersey Aged Cow (3)

1. Velma Casino Velda, Devon Overmann
2. Stone-Front Reno Bridget, Braxton Steinlage
3. PM Fizz Summer, Braxton Steinlage

R&W Holstein Aged Cow (1)

1. Schroeder Abs Princess-Red (Absolute), Alex Schroeder

Holstein Production Cow (1)

1. Ms Brazle Royal-ET (Brazzle), Cale Baker & Regan Pries