Westerner Championship Junior Show 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018 @ 4:00pm @ Red Deer, AB

Ian Crosbie

Senior calf, Marsfield Solomon Raven exhibited by Tyler Van Dijk of Alberta took home the Junior Champion title at the Westerner Championship Junior Show 2018 at the Westerner grounds in Red Deer, AB. Photo’s and results are available to view. View last year’s Westerner Dairy Showcase results HERE!

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Gallery from the Westerner Dairy Championship Junior Show are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.


Junior Champion
Marsfield Solomon Raven (Solomon), 1st Senior Calf, Tyler Van Dijk, AB
Reserve Junior Champion
Wendon Goldwyn Prim (Goldwyn), 1st Junior Calf,  Paige Whalen, AB
HM Junior Champion
Spallvue Solomon Gracie (Solomon), Taya Hamming, BC

Summer Calf (3)

1.Lovhill Jacot Apple Pie (Jacot), Reata Lovich, SK
2. Kozak Diamond Red Brandy, Zoe Meinen, AB
3. Wendon GDust Differ (GoldDust), Paige Whalen, AB

Junior Calf (8)

1.Wendon Goldwyn Prim (Goldwyn), Paige Whalen, AB
2. Kenbert Soloman Lady (Solomon), Faith Friesen, SK
3. Robella Avalanche Barbie (Avalanche), Ethan Nienhuis, SK
4. Lovhill Jacoby Loonie Toon (Jacoby), Reata Lovich, SK
5. Clarman Joel Vince (Joel), Erin Drydyk, AB

Intermediate Calf (7)

1.Spallvue Solomon Gracie (Solomon), Taya Hamming, BC
2. Meadowgreen Jordy Fabieana (Jordy),
3. Wendon Solomon Wander (Solomon), Nathan Whalen, AB
4. Sunnyhome Doorman Marilou (Doorman), Zoey Hamming, AB
5. Kenbert Goldchip Razzle (Goldchip), Faith Friesen, SK

Senior Calf (5)

1.Marsfield Solomon Raven (Solomon), Tyler Van Dijk, AB
2. Apple-PTS Adava-Red-ET (Addiction-P), Hannah Vandelinde, AB
3. Poelman Queen of the Jungle (Jacoby), Jessica Podchadly, AB
4. Meihaven Lucky Jacot Dianna (Jacot), Zoe Meinen, AB
5. Meihaven Superstar Dora (Superstar), Zoe Meinen, AB

Summer Yearling (2)

1.Meihaven Lucky Avalanche Ronni (Avalanche), Zoe Meinen, AB
2. Kenbert Doorman Everest (Doorman), Ethan Nicunhus, SK

Junior Yearling (2)

1.Kenbert Solomon Apple (Solomon), Lauren Nienhuis, SK
2. Lucky Doorman Starstruck (Doorman), Reuben Vandelinde, AB

Intermediate Yearling (2)

1.Kenbert Solomon Lively (Solomon), Faith Friesen, SK
2. Hamming Monterey Prada (Monterey), Reuben Vanelinde, AB

Group of 3

1.Paige Whalen, AB


Grand Champion Showman
Raine Beckwith, AB
Reserve Grand Champion Showman
Taya Hamming, AB
HM Grand Champion Showman
Emma Huisman, AB

PeeWee Showmanship

An excellent job done by all the 28 contestants in the PeeWee showmanship class!

Ben Lemke, BC
Oliver Kyle, SK
Brynn Wright, AB
Corban Friesen, SK
Seth Friesen, SK
Bethany Friesen, SK
Hannah Friesen, SK
Maddyn Hastie, AB
Marshall Hastie, AB
Chloe Chalack, AB
Nathan Whalen, AB
Renelle Lovich, SK
Raelyn Lovich, SK
Nate Green, AB
Reata Lovich, SK
Sydney Kingdon, ON
Shae Kingdon, ON

Junior Showmanship (11)

1.Emma Hulsman, AB
2. Hannah Vanderlinde, AB
3. Paige Whalen, AB
4. Jasmine Lemke, BC
5. Faith Friesen, SK

Junior Showmanship (4)

1.Taya Hamming, BC
2. Ethan Nienhuis, SK
3. Kristy van de Brake, AB
4. Simone Huisman, AB

Senior Showmanship (7)

1.Raine Beckwith, AB
2. Jessica Podschadly, AB
3. Erin Drydyck, AB
4. Tyler Van Dijk, AB
5. Reuben Vandlinde, AB