Westerner Championship Holstein Show 2018

October 20, 2018 @ Red Deer, AB

Carl Phoenix, ON

The Complete Image Gallery from the Westerner Championship Holstein Show is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos. Congratulations to Wendon Holsteins on their Grand Champion win at the Westerner Championship Holstein Show 2018! Judge Carl Phoenix chose his Champion winner, Wendon Goldwyn Diode, 1st Production Cow. Cowsmo was ringside providing you with live results and photos. View last year’s Westerner Dairy Showcase results HERE!

Carl Phoenix held the honour of judging the Holstein show at this years World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.

Carl Phoenix, his wife, Kera, and their three children, Clara, Carson and Weston, operate Phoenixholm Holsteins near Sunderland, Ontario. The 240-acre farm is home to 45 purebred Holsteins with several All-Canadian and All-American Nominations. Prior to establishing Phoenixholm, Phoenix received a Master Breeder Shield while in partnership with Phoenix Bros. He is a past president of the Ontario County Holstein Club, a former committee member of the Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund and is currently a 4-H leader in the Durham West region. In 2017, he served as the associate judge of the International Holstein Show and is also a former Youth Showmanship judge at World Dairy Expo. In addition to his WDE experiences, Phoenix has evaluated cattle around the world at the Irish National Dairy Show, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the Brazil Spring Show, the California State Show and various shows across Canada and the United States.

Joel Phoenix and his wife, Jessica, farm 250 acres with their two young children, Jacob and Jordan, in Cannington, Ontario. The farm is home to 200 beef cows, an equestrian business Jessica manages and a small herd of Holsteins. Under the Dappleview prefix, Phoenix focuses on breeding and merchandising elite show cows and heifers and has worked with many All-Canadian and All-American Nominees. Spending more than 15 years as a professional dairy cattle fitter, Phoenix has traveled the world to work with many great people and animals. In 2013, he was honored with the Andrea Crowe Achievement Award at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for exhibiting “everyday love of the industry” that inspires others, fosters knowledge and encourages good sportsmanship. Phoenix has judged cattle around the globe including at the Mexican National Holstein and Jersey Show, the New South Wales Australian Show, the Atlantic Fall Championship Show, the Manitoba Spring Show and World Dairy Expo.

Q&A with Carl Phoenix
What has been your most memorable judging experience so far?
Being the Associate Judge for the Holstein Show at Madison in 2017. The caliber of cattle at that show is so incredible. It seems totally unreal to be at the center of the ring at WDE, but it’s so much fun! Just awesome! As the associate you don’t have as much of the pressure and still get to see all the great cows, I’m trying not to think about this fall!
Who is your favorite cow of all time? One that you’ve judged and/or one that you admire?
My favourite cow of all time is Thrulane James Rose because she was a modern cow that really changed things in the breed. Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn is my favourite cow I’ve judged so far.
What do you love most about judging?
I like the traveling, seeing new countries and the people you meet along the way. I’ve traveled to Brazil, Ireland, a few US states and almost every Canadian province.
What are you looking for in your winners?
I like functional feet and legs, good sound udders and good functional rumps. I prefer to keep it simple!

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Gallery from the Westerner Championship Holstein Show is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Holstein heifer show here
Holstein cow show here

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Milk Source Taelyn (Armani), 1st Summer Yearling, Tom DeGroot & Esteban Posado, BC
Reserve Junior Champion
Cash Kingroyal Carrie (King Royal), 1st Intermediate Calf, John Sunder & Ravendale Holsteins, BC
HM Junior Champion
Marsfield Solomon Raven (Solomon), Kenbert Acres & Mosnang Holsteins, AB

R&W Champions

R&W Junior Champion
MS Hot Off the Press-Red-ET (Avalanche), 1st Junior Calf, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
R&W Reserve Junior Champion
Meadow Green Jordy Fabianna (Jordy), 3rd Intermediate Calf, Precision Genetics, BC
HM R&W Junior Champion 
Lovhill Jacot Apple Pie (Jacot), 1st Summer Calf, Charlyn Farms, Crestomere Holsteins, Lovholm Holsteins, AB

Intermediate Champion
Skycrest Atwood Diamond (Atwood), 1st Senior 2yr Old,  Skycrest Holsteins, AB
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Elmbridge Atwood Angelina (Atwood), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
HM Intermediate Champion 
Mosnang Deman Cheddar (Deman), 2nd Senior 3yr Old, Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Grand Champion 
Wendon Goldwyn Diode (Goldwyn), 1st Production Cow, Wendon Holsteins, AB
Reserve Grand Champion
Webb View Butterballs McCuchen (McCutchen), 1st 4yr Old,  Benbie Holsteins, Lakefield Farm, Robella Holsteins, MB
HM Grand Champion 
Skycrest Atwood Diamond (Atwood), 1st Senior 2yr Old,  Skycrest Holsteins, AB

R&W Grand Champion 
Stranshome Heztry Nali-Red (Heztry), 5th 4yr Old, Fred Fornwald & Sons Farms Ltd., SK
Reserve R&W Grand Champion
Craila NC ACT Lustful (Activator), 10th Junior 3yr Old,  Craila Dairy Ltd., Nienhuis Family Farm Inc., SK
HM R&W Grand Champion
Kozak Aussie Red Robin P (Apple-IMP), 6th Junior 2yr Old,  Westcoast Holsteins, BC

Summer Calf (6)

1.Lovhill Jacot Apple Pie (Jacot), Charlyn Farms, Crestomere Holsteins, Lovholm Holsteins, AB
2. Corlane Solomon Leela (Solomon), Corlane Holsteins Ltd., AB
3. Kozak Diamondback Red Brandy (Diamondback), Kozak Holsteins Ltd., AB
4. Wendon GDust Differ (GoldDust), Wendon Holsteins, AB
5. Innislake Lautrust Amora (Lautrust), Innislake Dairy Farm Ltd., AB
6. Lucky Douglas Stash (Douglas), Chubanna Holsteins Ltd, Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd, AB

Junior Calf (16)

1.MS Hot Off the Press-Red-ET (Avalanche), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. Robella Avalanche Barbie (Avalanche), Mieuhuis Family Farm, SK
3. Craila Lively Sol (Solomon), Craila Dairy, SK
4. Wendon Goldwyn Prim (Goldwyn), Wendon Holsteins, AB
5. Shadynook Peter Tena (Peter), Shadynook Farms Ltd., BC
6. Kozak Unix Liberty (Unix), Kozak Holsteins Ltd., AB
7. Kingsway Kingboy Arya (Kingboy), Benbie Holsteins Ltd., SK
8. Lovhill Jacoby Loonie Toon (Jacoby), Lovholm Holsteins, SK
9. Kenbert Solomon Lady (Solomon), Kenbert Acres, SK
10. Benbie Pharo Zonia (Pharo), Benbie Holsteins Ltd., Robella Holsteins, SK

Intermediate Calf (15)

1.Cash Kingroyal Carrie (King Royal), John Sunder & Ravendale Holsteins, BC
2.Skycrest King Royal Sangria (King Royal), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
3. Meadow Green Jordy Fabianna (Jordy), Precision Genetics, BC
4. Benbie Kingdoc Anna (King Doc), Benbie Holsteins, SK
5.Westcoast Avalanche Geneva (Avalanche), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
6. Cash Atwood Danae (Atwood), John Sunder & Ravendale Holsteins, BC
7. Wendon Solomon Wander (Solomon), Wendon Holsteins, AB
8. Cash Atwood Brandy (Atwood), John Sunder & Ravendale Holsteins, BC
9. Spallvue Solomon Gracie (Solomon), Luttmerding Farms, BC
10. SterlingPark Peter Dixie (Peter), SterlingPark Holsteins, AB

Senior Calf (18)

1.Marsfield Solomon Raven (Solomon), Kenbert Acres & Mosnang Holsteins, AB
2. Zimmer SP McCutchen Adelaide (McCutchen), Peter & Rebekah Mathers, AB
3. Poelman Queen Of the Jungle (Jacoby), Podcrest Holsteins, BC
4. Glorybound Valentine Capital Z (Capital Z), Glorybound Holsteins, BC
5. Hamming Control Darilyn (Control), Hamming Holsteins Ltd., BC
6. Mosnang 1st Grade Chilli (1st Grade), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
7. Corlane Classic Sunny-D (Classic), Corlane Holsteins Ltd., AB
8. Kenbert Solomon Alice (Solomon), Benbie Holsteins
9. Heritage GRD Hi-O Caboret (High Octane), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
10. Wedgewood Lambton Loralie (Lambton), Stanhope Dairy Farms Ltd., Wedgewood Holsteins, BC


Summer Yearling (12)

1.Milk Source Taelyn (Armani), Tom DeGroot, BC
2. Karolstein Lilastruck 1stGrade (1st Grade), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
3. Mosnang Solomon Liquify (Solomon), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
4. Augure Camilla Atwood (Atwood), Ferme Augure, QC
5. Mosnang Callen Crush Zone (Callen), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
6. Lucky Meihaven AV Rosabel (Avalanche), Hamming Holsteins & Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., AB
7. Kenbert Everest (Doorman), Kenbert Acres, AB
8. Corlane Control Leopard (Control), Corlane Hoslteins Ltd., AB
9. Wendon BSD Windbrook Merry (Windbrook), Doubleview Holsteins, Hammingview Farms Ltd., BC
10. Robella Avalanche Atlanta (Avalanche), Chubanna Holsteins, Lucky Hill Dairy, Meihaven Holsteins, Robella Holsteins, AB

Junior Yearling (12)

1.Kenbert Solomon Apple (Solomon), Kenbert Acres, SK
2. Wedgwood Jacoby Tahlia (Jacoby), Stanhope Dairy Farms Ltd., Wedgewood Holsteins, BC
3. Zimmer SP McCutchen Axel (McCutchen), Sterlingpark Holsteins, AB
4. MS Dempsey Renita (Dempsey), Tom DeGroot, BC
5. Craila Shake N Bake (Fever), Craila Dairy Ltd., Matthew Vaandrager, SK
6. Benbie Solomon Pearl (Solomon), Benbie Holsteins Ltd., SK
7. Rockledge Cash Callen (Callen), Mosnang Holsteins, Stanhope Dairy Farm Ltd., Wedgewood Holsteins
8. Crestomere Solomon Liza (Solomon), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
9. Delterra Sheez Awesome (Awesome-Red), Delterra Holsteins, Hamming Holsteins, Sunninghill Holsteins, BC
10. Hamming Solomon Cherry On Top (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins, BC

Intermediate Yearling (8)

1.Mosnang Solomon Varsity (Solomon), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
2. Kenbert Solomon Lively (Solomon), Kenbert Acres, SK
3. Lehoux Doorman Crystal (Doorman), Craila Dairy Ltd., Matthew Vaandrager, SK
4. Hamming Solomon Danica (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins, BC
5. Skycrest Solomon Salmonella (Solomon), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
6. Sterlingpark Salt and Vinegar (Salt), Sterlingpark Holsteins, AB
7. Hamming Monterey Prada (Monterey), Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., AB
8. Rietben Upright Clarissa (Upright), Kevin Vanzessen, Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., Vanzessen Dairy Inc., AB

Junior Breeders Herd

1.Precision Genetics, BC
2.Mosnang Holsteins, AB
3. Wendon Holsteins, AB
4. Kenbert Acres, SK
5. Corlane Holsteins, AB

Milking Senior Yearling (12)

1.(B&O)Westcoast Orion Aryane 4727 (Orion), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. Balgonie Avalanche Palace (Avalanche), Balgonie Holsteins & Kenbert Acres, SK
3. Skycrest Dempsey Nimrod (Dempsey), Skycrest Holsteins Ltd., AB
4. Ryan Crest Sid Eloise (Sid), Tom DeGroot, BC
5. Lucky Avalanche Eleanor (Avalanche), Harold & Miriam Sweetnam, Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., AB
6. Wedgwood Doorman Cindy (Doorman), Morsan Farms Ltd., Stanhope Dairy Farm Ltd., Wedgewood Holsteins, BC
7. Benbie Kingboy Presley (Kingboy), Benbie Holsteins, SK
8. Hamming Awesome Susan (Awesome-Red), Hamming Holsteins, BC
9. Wendon Byway Winny (Byway), Wendon Holsteins, AB
10.Skycrest Dempsey Papaya (Dempsey), Skycrest Holsteins Ltd., AB

Junior 2yr Old (12)

1.Autumn Lane Roswitha Rockstar (Doorman), Robella Holsteins, BC
2.(B&O) Mosnang V Hero Waterfall (Hero), Mosnang Holsteins Ltd., AB
3. Sunnyhome Cinderdoor Gwen (Cinderdoor), Sunnyhome Farms Ltd., BC
4. Lakefiled Sennet Wardeen (Sennet), Lakefield Farm, MB
5. Benbie High Octane Ciara (High Octane), Benbie Holsteins Ltd., SK
6. Kozak Aussie Red Robin P (Apple-IMP), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
7. Skycrest Easy on the Eyes (Solomon), Dairy Delite, BC
8. Lampada Sid Lexus (Sid), Fred Fornwald & Sons Farms Ltd., SK
9. Roswitha Autumn Lane Ho Rickie (High Octane), Autumn Lane Holsteins, Roswitha Holsteins Ltd., BC
10. Crestomere Byway Vanity (Byway), Crestomere Holsteins, AB

Futurity (2)

1.Mosnang V Hero Waterfall (Hero), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
2. Lovhill Solomon Kit (Solomon), Lovholm Holsteins, SK

Senior 2yr Old (8)

1.(B&O)Skycrest Atwood Diamond (Atwood), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
2. Sunnyhome Integral Marcie (Integral), Benbie Holsteins, John E. Hylkema, Nienhuis Family Farm Inc., SK
3. Wendon Golddust Dividend (Golddust), Wendon Hoslteins, AB
4. Wedgewood HI O Reva (High Octane), Wedgewood Holsteins, BC
5. Corlane Bradnick Zinger (Bradnick), Corlane Holsteins, AB
6. Bulrush Kian Keiko (Kian), Bulrish Holsteins, MB
7. Wedgewood HI o Paula (High Octane), Stanhope-Wedgewood Holdings Ltd., BC
8. Roswitha Autumn Lane DM Hailey (Doorman), Autumn Lane Holsteins, Roswitha Holsteins, BC

Junior 3yr Old (18)

1.(B&O)Mosnang Corey Eclipse (Corey), Mosnang Holsteins Ltd., AB
2. Beemer Civil Bling (Civil), T&L Cattle & David Chalack, AB
3. Lovhill Beemer Ripper (Beemer), Lovholm Holsteins, SK
4. MS Apple Aryane-ET (Beemer), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
5. Uniquely Siren Betsy Sue (Siren), Northland Dairy Ltd., AB
6. Roswitha Golden Dreams Misty (Golden Dreams), Roswitha Holsteins Ltd., MB
7. Kenbert Doorman Shine (Doorman), Kenbert Acres, SK
8. Crestomere Beemer Verdette (Beemer), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
9. Benbie Cashcoin Marble (Cashcoin), Benbie Holsteins, SK
10. Craila NC ACT Lustful (Activator), Craila Dairy Ltd., Nienhuis Family Farm Inc., SK

Senior 3yr Old (7)

1.Elmbridge Atwood Angelina (Atwood), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. (B&O) Mosnang Deman Cheddar (Deman), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
3. Wendon Doorman Viola (Doorman), Wendon Holsteins, AB
4. Skycrest Seaver Sugar (Seaver), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
5. Skycrest Durbin Kahlua (Durbin), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
6. Pol Butte Delta Dahlia (Delta), Van Den Pol Dairy, AB
7. Hamning Doorman Darilyn (Doorman), Hamming Holstein, BC

4 year old (13)

1.(BU) Webb View Butterballs McCuchen (McCutchen), Benbie Holsteins, Lakefield Farm, Robella Holsteins, MB
2. (B&O) Wendon GChip Dottie (GoldChip), Wendon Holstein, AB
3. Lindenright Gold Annabel (Goldwyn), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
4. Morsan McCutchen Behave 1848 (McCutchen), Stanhope Dairy Farms Ltd., Wedgewood Holsteins, BC
5. Stranshome Heztry Nali-Red (Heztry), Fred Fornwald & Sons Farms Ltd., SK
6. Baumann Sid Sunrise (Sid), Arthur Pruim, SK
7. Benbie Atwood Matilda (Atwood), Benbie Holsteins Ltd., SK
8. Crestomere Goldchip Vivian (Gold Chip), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
9. Mosnang Brokaw Moonlight (Brokaw), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
10. Skycrest Golddust Doozy (Golddust), Skycrest Holsteins, AB

5 year Old (8)

1.(B&O) Mosnang Saloon Liqour (Saloon), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
2. Bernalta Dude Dressy (Dude), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
3. Skycrest Defiant Last Call (Defiant), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
4. Wendon Dempsey Divida (Dempsey), Wendon Holsteins, AB
5. Stanhope Dempsey Hope (Dempsey), Stanhope Dairy Farm Ltd., Wedgewood Holsteins, BC
6. Lampada Aldee Goldchip (Goldchip), Fred Fornwald & Sons Farms Ltd., Laurie D. & Donna Harp, SK
7. Mosnang Dude Lilah (Dude), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
8. Rietben Sid Celebrate (Sid), Crestomere Holsteins & Lee Simanton, AB

Aged Cow (6)

1.(B&O) Zimmer Krusader Ava (Krusader), Benbie Holsteins, Duane G. Zimmer, Robella Holsteins, AB
2. Lovhill Braxton Foxy (Braxton), Lovholm Holsteins, SK
3. Wendon Destry Rainy (Destry), Wendon Holsteins, AB
4. Holsteinforump Dempsey Lovely (Dempsey), Beemer Holsteins Ltd., Mosnang Holsteins Ltd., AB
5. Meadow Green Windbrook Maggie (Windbrook), T&L Cattle Ltd., BC
6. Bajema Angelina (Shotgun), Baumann Holsteins, Fred Fronwald & Sons Farms Ltd., SK

Production Class- 60,000kg to Date (2)

1.(B&O)Wendon Goldwyn Diode (Goldwyn), Wendon Holsteins, AB
2. Mosnang Smokin Cheese (Smokin), Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Breeders Herd

1.Wendon Holsteins, AB
2. Mosnang Holsteins, AB
3. Skycrest Holsteins, AB

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor 
Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Herdsman Award
Skycrest Holsteins, AB

Mega-Moola winner

Congratulations to Kenbert Acres on being this years mega-moola winner!