Western Wrap-Up Sale 2017

October 27, 2017 @ Red Deer Westerner Park - 4847A 19th Street Red Deer, AB, Canada


The Western Wrap Up Sale 2017 Sale Average $5505 on 70 live lots! High Seller $22,000 Lot 3- D Zim Zim Modesty GTPI2811 PTAT 3.3 Sold to Stanton Bros Farms. Sale order is online now! UPDATE – 20 replacements lots (fresh & ready to calve heifers) will also sell in addition to the 78 catalogued lots, see videos on replacement lots. Sale Catalog is now up for viewing.

Sale Prices

$22,000 Lot 3 – Zim Zim Modesty GTPI 2811 PTAT 3.3 (Modesty x D Zim zim Moneterya Mada then Numero Uno Madge VG-85)

Buyer; Stanton Bros Farms, ON
$20,000 Lot 1 Butlerview Beemer Comet VG-86 PTAT 3.91 (Beemer x Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95)

$11,600- Lot 9 – Meadow Green Absolute Ferocity (Aboslute x Meadow Green Hvezda Francy VG-87)  Dam sister to Fanny EX-93
Buyer: T& L Cattle Ltd, BC
$6900- Lot 2 – Robella Light My Curosity (Light my Fire x Butlerview Beemer Comet VG-86)
$7500- Lot 5- Benbie Solmon Pearl (Solomon x Benbie Goldwyn Penelope VG087 3rd Dam Pledge EX-95 GMD DOM 3*
$9200- Lot 6- Miss Apple Uno Amber VG-87 (Uno x KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-95 3E DOM 17*)
$5200- Lot 7- Westcoast Classic Aryana 5697 (Classic x Ms Apple Aryane VG-88 then Apple)
$4900- Lot 8 – Meadow Green Awesome Fantasy (Apr 17 Awesome x Meadowgreen Redman Fancy Ex-95 5E 1*)

$3000- Lot 10
$5000- Lot 12
$7100- Lot 13 -Sunnyhome Integral Marcie (Integral x Sunnyhome Goldchip Marcie Ex-91 plus 6 more VG or EX)
$7300- Lot 14- Baumann Sid Sunrise (Sid x Baumann Lavanguard Sunset Vg-85)
$4600- Lot 15
$4600- Lot 16 – Kenbert Solomon Bold (Solomon x Kenbert Goldchip B rinnley EX-90 plus 4 more VG or Ex from Talent Barbara Family)
$3700- Lot 17
$5200- Lot 18- Craila Luv The Brew (Oct 16 Brewmaster x Rhein Sid Lulu VG-86 then 3 more gen VG or EX)
$4500- Lot 19
$4200- Lot 20
$6500- Lot 21- Rockledge Callen Cash (GPA LPI 2614 Conf+11 Apr 17 Callen x Ms Chassity Goldwyn Cash Ex-91 1*)
Lot 22 $6800-Wendon Reim Gchip Karen VG-85 (Goldchip x Wendon Dundee Kerry EX-90 then 2 more EX dams)
$5800- Lot 23- Robella Lampada Reginald Skye VG-87 (Reginald x Lampada Sanchez Shadow Ex-92 3E)
$6500- Lot 24
$3900- Lot 26
$7800- Lot 27-Skycrest Dempsey Fee Fee (Dempsey x Skycrest Goldenset Fireball VG-88 then Tolamikda Dunde Fanta Ex-92)
$8300- Lot 28- Lucky Sweetridge A Elegance P Red ((Addiction P x Budjon JK Advent Erizona then Escence EX-5 2E 2*)
$4000- Lot 30
$5000- Lot 31
$3900- Lot 33
$7000- Lot 34- Jamevall Haven Sanchez EX-92  (Sanchez x Jamvall Tarilee Champion VG-89 then EX-93 2nd Dam)
$3500- Lot 36
$5200- Lot 38- Larest Town High roller VG-85 (Raptown x Larest Destry Havana Ex-92 back to Lee Holly Ex-95)
$4500- Lot 39- Autum Lane Roswitha Rockstar (Doorman x Robella Benbie Goldwyn Romance VG-87 then parile Jasper Rosanna VG-86)
$5500- Lot 40- Lampada Tequila Super Bee VG-87 – Tequila x Lampada Governor Cadillac VG-88)
$5500- Lot 42- Bramville Irwin Crunch VG-86 – Irwin x Bramville Pancho Crisp VG-87
$2900-Lot 44 Clanman Joel Addie (Joel x Clanman David Alice Ex-90)
$7500- Crestomere Unix Limo GP-83 (Unix x Crestomere Bolt Lima VG-86 then 6 gen VG or Ex from Acme Star Lily family)
$3100- Lot 46
$4700- Lot 47
$3000- Lot 49
$4800- Lot 50
$4900- Lot 53
$5000- Lot 54 Roswitha Actress Dreams (Golden Dreams x Roswitha B Goldwyn Aurora Vg-87 then Dundee Aurora EX-91)
$3700- Lot 56
$5800- Lot 57-Benbie Orion Behlly (Jun 2017 Orion x Huntsdale Shottle Crusade EX-95 3E 2*)
$6000- Lot 59- Benbie Wickham Cory Vg-87 (Wickham x Benbie meridian Carmen VG-87 then Crusade)
$4800- Lot 63
$5500-Lot 64
$6000- Lot 66- Mosnang Alonzo Catchphrase (Alonzo x Mosanng Cat Scratch Fever VG-87 back to Ivory Juror family)
$4100 – Lot 67
$4700- Lot 68
$5500- Lot 69- Lakefield Golden Stacy (Goldwyn x Lakefield Chief Sally Ex-95 2E 7*)
$2500- Lot 70
$4000- Lot 71
$3900- Lot 72- D Zim Zim Delta 305 (Delta x X Zim Zim Moneteray Tait GP 83)
$6700- Lot 73- Terra Linda Delta 315 (July 2017 Delta x MD Maple Lawn Potential back to Pala family)
$5000- Lot 75- Westcoast Fortune BD4061 GLPI3501 Conf+14 (Jun 2017 Fortune x Westcoast Aburn Bdust 4061 then Blue Horizon Jckman Baby Dust)
$6200- Lot 76_ Zimmer Delat Croc 2660 (may 207 Delta GPA LPI 3325 M 2145 from Zimmer Commander Cobra then Zimmer Wendon Uno Cami VG-87)

Fresh Lots Commerical groups
R1- $3800 each
R2- $4200 each
R3- 4100 each
R4- $3800 each
R5- $4000 each|

Sale Order

Sale Order WesternWrapup_Saleorder

Sale Highlights

Sale Details

The Western Wrap-Up Sale will be on October 27th, 2017 in Red Deer, AB. The sale will be held in conjunction with the Red Deer Westerner Showcase, and will feature 85 live lots of the best Show, Index, and Pedigreed animals Western Canada has to offer!

Need milk?  As well as the catalogued lots if you are looking for top quality replacements from well managed herds? Take a look at this unique new sales feature in the Western Wrap Up! See videos below

How the Replacement Lots will sell:
-Each Lot will sell as a package, individual price X4 or X5
-Animals will remain at the consignors farm until trucking is finalized
-Sale staff will help arrange trucking, at the cost of the purchaser
-Animals will be guaranteed until leaving consignors farm
-Any updates on the lots will be announced sale night
For more information contact the sale managers or sale staff:
Ian Crosbie 306 631 3466
Kenton Lindenbach 306-530-1620
Duane Zimmer 306 678 6373

Download the PDF of the catalog HERE or click the image below to view full screen.

View videos of the top quality replacements below

Benbie Replacements Lot R1, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewanhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NabNxF2voj4

Robella Replacements Lot R2, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

Zimmer Replacements Lot R3, Daysland, Alberta

Vinoridge Replacements Lot R4, Balgonie, Saskatchewan


Ronleen Replacements Lot R5, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

View their Facebook page here



Schedule of Events

Friday – October 27th

  • 2:30PM Western Championship Jersey Show
  • 4:30 PM-Wine and cheese social hour sponsored by AltaAppel Holsteins
  • 5:30 PM-Western Wrap Up Sale

Saturday – October 28th

  • 9:00 AM Westerner Championship Dairy Holstein Show
  • 10:00 PM Show & Sale After Party – Billy Bobs

Sale Contacts

Sale Managers
Ian Crosbie 306-631 3466
Kenton Lindenbach: 306-530-1620
Duane Zimmer 780-678-6373

John Copithorne:

Orville Schmidt: 780-970-8186
Lee Morey: 780-206-5164
Garry Vanderpost 639-471-1021,
Tom Degroot 604-819-2879,
Derek Reimer 204-371-9093,
Dale Bienert 780-940-6729
Kenny Mcrae: 226.979.6533
Ridley Wikkerink 250-902-9347
Ethan McMillan 705-653-7445
Pat Conroy 260-402-4494
Kyle Natzke 1-920-979-0593
Joel Phoenix 905-852-8062
Nicole Crosbie 306-630-7741
Andrew Wildeboer 403-348-9358


Sandman Hotel Red Deer
(403) 343-7400
Western Budget East
(403) 347-2177,
Holiday Inn South
(403) 348-8485