Western Warm Up Sale 2015

April 17, 2015 at 11:00am @ Balgonie, SK

92 Live Lots

The Western Warm Up was held Friday, April 17th in Balgonie, SK. The sale averaged $5,712 on 78 live lots.

Sale Prices

The Western Warm Up was held Friday, April 17th in Balgonie, SK. The sale averaged $5,712 on 78 live lots.

Topping the sale was Lot 69 at $16,000. Starcrest Atwood Mezzmerize VG86 is a Senior 3 Year Old for 2015, and is due in December. She is out of a VG87 Dupasquier Accapulco x an EX90 Blitz. She was consigned by James & Kirsty McAvoy and was purchased by Skycrest Holsteins, AB.

Second high seller at $14,000 was Lot 35, Kenbert Damion DaisyVG87, a Senior 2 Year Old for 2015. She is a Damion out of a VG87 Gen-I-Beq Bolton x a VG86 Outside x VG87 Rudolph. She was consigned by Kenbert Acres and purchased by Vanhaven Holsteins, SK.

Third high seller at $11,500 was Lot 88 Crestomere Sid Lindor VG89, maximum score. She is a Sid out of a VG Dundee x VG Leadoff x Acme Star Lily EX-2E. She was consigned by Everett Simanton and purchased by Century Star Holsteins, ON.

Other high selling lots included:
Lot 2 for $11,000…Benbie Lrr Deman Brittany, a September 2014 EDG Deman x a Numero Uno x VG86 Superstition x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX95
Consignor: Robella Holsteins, Benbie Holsteins, Lightning Ridge Holsteins
Buyer: Matvale Holsteins, SK

Lot 25 for $11,000…Sully Numero Uno Madge-ET, a +3162GLPI Numero Uno fresh in January, out of Sully Planet Manitoba GP83 x Sully Shottle May EX90
Consignor: Duane Zimmer
Buyer: Cedarwal Farms LTD, BC

Lot 5 for $10,000…Westcoast Lqd Gold Rave, a September 2014 Liquid Gold x Pappys Goldwyn Rave VG88 x Markwell Durham Raven EX93-2E
Consignor: Westcoast Holsteins
Buyers: Matvale Holsteins, SK

Lot 4 for $9,700…Calbrett Snowman Biscuit VG87…a Snowman x VG86 Superstition x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX95
Consignor: Kenbert Acres, Robella Holsteins & Jordan Konkel
Buyers: Sunny Glade, MB

Lot 3 for $9,500…Wendon Goldwyn AsiaVG85, a Goldwyn x EX91-2E Triumphant x EX92 Dupasquier Windstar, Asia is a full sister to Wendon Goldwyn Allie EX95
Consignor: Wendon Holsteins
Buyer: Nick Snuttjer, IA

Lot 7 for $9,500…first choice of 8 Beemer females due in June out of Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX95
Consignor: Butlerview Farm
Buyer: Benbie Holsteins, SK

Other prices included:

Lot 6 $8,100 McCutchen Summer Yrlg X Damion Lazzie

Lot 8 (embryos) $550

Lot 9 $1,799 – 5 Embryos from Benner Flame Becca X Ladys-Manor DoorsOpen

Lot 7  $9,500 1st Choice of 8 Beemer Females X Damion Camomile EX-95 All-Canadian All-American Jr 2yr & 3yr

Lot 10 $9000 Goldwyn Jr Yrlg X Lee Holly EX-95 4E

Lot 13 – $7,000 Windbrook X Goldwyn Highball EX-94 2E

Lot 14 $5,500

Lot 15 7,000

Lot 16 $6,700

Lot 17 $8,000 Acme X Blondin Destry Sally VG-89 Grand RWF 2015

Lot 18 $9,000 Aftershock X Goldwyn Alexandrea EX-94 11*

Lot 19 $4,200

Lot 21 $8,600 Sid X Sanchez Brilliance EX-90

Lot 22 $6,500 Mogul X Shottle

Lot 23 $8,700 Mr Aussie Apple X VG-85 Starfire

Lot 24 $4,500

Lot 26 – $7,000 Windbrook X Goldwyn Mercedes EX-93

Lot 27 $6,000 Big Kahuna X Planet Cheri VG-86

Lot 28 $4,100

Lot 29 $7,000 Olumpian X Claire Wood VG-87

Lot 30 – $7000 Doorman X Dundee L Laurel

Lot 32 2,400

Lot 33 4,200

Lot 34 $3,500

Lot 39 – $6,000

Lot 36 $7,000 Hero X Goldwyn Evelyn EX-93 2E

Lot 37 $3,800

Lot 38 $4,00 Mogul X Goldwyn

Lot 39 $6,000

Lot 40 $6200 Meridian X Baxter Bambi

Lot $4,200

Lot 43 $2,500

Lot 44 – $9000 Mascalese X Jasper Rosanna Jr Yrlg for 2015

Lot $4,500

Lot 46 $4,100

Lot 47 $7,700

Lot 48 $6,000 Dude X Sanchez Priscilla VG-89

Lot 49 $8,200 Sid x Goldwyn Precise EX-90 2E

Lot 50 $4,700

Lot 51 $3,800

Lot 52 $4,200

Lot 53 $3,500

Lot 54 $4,500

Lot 55 $3,500

Lot 57 $2,300

Lot 58 $5,000 Apples Absolute  x Kenmar Sovereign Justina VG-89 3Yr 1*

Lot 60 $3,800

Lot 61 $4,700

Lot 62 $3,800

Lot 63 $6,500 Dempsey Int Yrlg X VG-85 Shottle

Lot 64 $8,500 Atwood X VG-88 Outside

Lot 67 Goldsun X Alley Leduc Shaz EX-95 4E

Lot 68 $3,400

Lot 70 $3,500

Lot 73 $2,200

Lot 74 $5,500

Lot 75 – $5,000 Fever X Stormatic Pala VG-87

Lot 76 $5,900

Lot 78 $5,800

Lot 80 $4,600

Lot 81 $4,100

Lot 82 $2,800

Lot 83 – $5700 Aftershock Jr 3Yr Old X Gold Phoenix EX-94

Lot 85 $5,900

Lot 87 4,700

Lot 89 $4,000

Lot 90 $3,500

Lot 91 $4,000

Lot 91 4,000

Lot 93 Choice of 5 Embryos High Octane or Kingboy from Snowbiz Liquid Gold Lonnie back to Lila Z

Lot 94 $3,000

Lot 95 $3,300


Sale Order, Updates & Added Lots

Sale Preview

Here are some photos from the Sale Preview on thursday night.

Classification Updates

There are some great new classification scores to report for some of the great young cows selling!

Added Lot 88…Crestomere Sid Lindor VG 89-3YR
Maxed out! Sr 3 for 2015!!

Lot 35…Kenbert Damion Daisy VG 87-2YR
Sr 2 for 2015!

Lot 69…Starcrest Atwood Mezzmerize VG 86-2YR
Sr 2 Due in December to Doorman!

Lot 21…Willswikk Sid Bombshell VG 85-2YR

Neuday Dude Paris VG 85-2YR

Lot 58…Lampada Absolute Jen VG 85-2YR

Added Lot 87…Crestomere Dempsey Nikon VG 87-3YR

Lot 63…Alley Dempsey Cologne VG 85-2YR

Donfield Jordan Jeannie VG 87-3YR

Lot 83…Vandyk-K-I Aftershock Phoenix VG 85-2YR

Lot 49…Donfield Sid Precious VG 86-3YR
Fresh 7 days, BIG potential in this great young cow!!

Sale Information

The Western Warm Up sale is set for Friday April 17, 2015 at the Prairie Diamond Farm in Balgonie, SK. Eighty-four lots will sell, including both the Junior & Reserve Junior Champions of the 2015 Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic! See their photos on results page

The Sale Catalogue is now online, click on the image below to view a full size version. Click here if you cannot see the catalogue

Schedule of Events
Thursday, April 16, 2015
6:00 PM Sale Preview
Social & Steak Supper
Friday, April 17, 2015
11:00 AM Sale
at Prairie Diamond Farm
Balgonie, SK
3km East of Balgonie on Highway #1
South side of highway.

Ramada Emerald Park/Regina East Highway #1

Sales Staff

Sale Managed by:
Kenton Lindenbach
[email protected]

Ian Crosbie
[email protected]

Sale Contacts:
Auctioneer: Brian Craswell 902-628-7537
Pedigrees: Orville Schmidt 780-970-8186
Garry Vanderpost 639-471-1021
Tom Degroot 604-819-2879
Ray Leblanc 802-249-2155
Mike Barnum 604-557-3658
Logan Chalack 403-318-7596
Derek Reimer 204-371-9093
Dale Bienert 780-940-6729