Western Spring National Heritage Sale 2019

May 15, 2019 @ Richmond, UT

The 2019 Western Spring National Heritage Sale has concluded in Richmond, Utah. Held in conjunction with the Western Spring National Show and first conducted in 1915, the sale is the longest running state sale in the nation! 36 Holstein lots averaged $2,288 and 5 Jersey lots averaged $1,840 for an overall average on 41 lots of $2,232. The sale featured 21 consignments from herds around the West and 20 lots from Pappys Farms of Ogden, UT.

High seller at $4,200 was Lot 9 – Pappys Avalanche Rosanna-ET, a stylish 9/18 Avalanche out of Pappys Redliner Rosa EX-90, then Markwell Durham Raven-ET EX-93 3E and back into the Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95 3E family. A maternal sister to Rosanna, Pappys Doorman Rousey-ET was nominated All-American Fall Calf in 2016.
Consignor: Pappys Farms, UT
Buyer: Steven Roberts, ID

Lot 23 was the 2nd high seller at $3,900 – Pappys D-Back Alley-Red, a red 7/17  Diamondback heifer due in July to Ammo-P, which makes her a viable candidate for the new R&W Summer Junior 2-year-old class at the fall shows. Out of an EX-90 Destry, her 2nd dam is Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96, the legendary All-American and All-Canadian.
Consignor: Pappys Farms, UT
Buyer: T & L Cattle Ltd, BC

Skykomish Tatoo Alice-ET, a fancy *RC 12/18 Tatoo calf cataloged as Lot 2 was third high at $3,700. Her VG-88 dam is an Archrival daughter of the one and only KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 4E, the prolific, breed-changing red cow.
Consignor: Michael & Jessica Oliver, WA
Buyer: Sutton Russell, NM

Lot #5 brought $3,200 – Calori-D Beemer Raced-ET, a 12/18 Beemer out of Oakfield Demsey Rasta-ET EX-90, then 15 more EX dams back to the Audrey Posch family, making Raced a potential 17th generation Excellent!
Consignor: Rebekah & Stephen Mast, CA
Buyer: Jeff Maxey, CO

5th high seller at $3,100 is Lot 13 – Pappys Cinderdoor Rosann, a 3/18 Cinderdoor out of a VG-86 Atlantic dam, then back into the Raven family!
Consignor: Pappys Farms, UT
Buyer: Jeremiah Lungwitz, CO


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Sale High Sellers

Added Lot

Lot 41: Buyers choice of 3 winter calves from Katalina Partners! They are back by 10 generations of VG or EX! Video found below!

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Sale Highlights

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Lot 16: Addiction Spring Yearling sells! Pictured is 2nd Dam Westcoast Absolute Roulett-Red EX92, 1st Sr 2yr Old, Midwest Spring R&W Show ’16.
Consigned by: Winstar Genetics LLC, ID

Lot 17: Bred Doorman (Atwood Sexed) sells from the Hezbollah family!
– Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX92 has produced 65 VG or EX daughters to date!
– Dam of Heztry *RC 94HO16187

  • Res. All-American 4yr Old ’11
  • HM Sr.Champ, International Show ’11
  • All-American Sr 2yr Old ’09
  • All-Canadian Sr 2yr Old ’09
    Consigned by: Goss & Dutcher, CO

Lot 19: Byway September calf is the maternal sister to Whey-Mat Goldchip Jessiejo, 1st Sr. Calf & Junior Champion, Vancouver Island Show ’18, 2nd Fall calf, Western Spring National Show ’18.
Consigned by: Kael Leak, UT

Lot 21 & 22: Diamondback lots sell from Pappy’s Dundee Bessie-ET EX94 4E.
-Lot 21 sells bred to Sept’18 to High Octane.
Bessie: 2x All-Utah Grand Champion
2x Grand Champion Utah State Fair
**more results in the catalog
Consigned by: Pappy’s Farms, LLC

Lot 23: This fancy Red Diamondback sells from the All-American All-Canadian Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96 Family (pictured)! She sells bred (Oct 12/18) to Ammo-P-ET.

Video Sale highlights

 Lot 41