Western Ontario Fall Showcase 2021

September 16, 2021 @ Woodstock, ON

Adam Liddle, NY

The first ever Western Ontario Fall Showcase 2021 has concluded after a tremendous group was presented throughout the day. Judge Adam Liddle saw his Grand Champion in the Junior 3-year-old, Bosdale Kingboy Barbie exhibited by Bosdale Farms Inc., ON! Cowsmo was covering the show thanks to generosity of the show committee!

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Bosdale Kingboy Barbie (Kingboy), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old Bosdale Farms Inc., ON

Reserve Grand Champion
Glen Islay Sennet Torance (Sennet), 1st 4-Year-Old, Andrew Den Haan, ON

HM Grand Champion
Sikmadale Fricosons D Freezie (Doorman), 1st Mature Cow, David Wideman & Marthaven Holsteins, ON

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Eskldale Avalanche Dill-ET (Avalanche), 1st Senior Calf, Wadeland Dairy, Justin Hogge & David Dyment, ON

Reserve Junior Champion
Karnview Warrior Alaksa (Warrior), 1st Junior Calf, Karnview Farms Inc., ON

HM Junior Champion
Winright Artist Applause (Artist), 1st Junior Yearling) Pondbank Farms Ltd., ON

Junior Calf (12)

1. Karnview Warrior Alaska (Warrior), Karnview Farms Inc., ON
2. Karnview Gunshow Chief Beyonce (Chief), Karnview Farms Inc. & Tyler Gunby, ON
3. Fraeland Solomon Frost (Solomon), Fraeland Farms, ON
4. Belmoral Mirand Jennifer (Mirand), Doral Farms Inc. & Sjendi Farms, ON
5. Smithden Diamondback Aspekt (Diamonback), Smithden Holsteins Inc., ON
6. Mark-A-Valley Dropkick India (Dropkick), Mark-A-Valley Farm, ON
7. Karnvilla KD Summer Starz (King Doc), D.W. Karn Farms, ON
8. Perrinridge Jacoby Arlene (Jacoby), Perrinridge Farms Ltd., ON
9. Shylane Milano Pixel (Milano), Brianna Marshall, ON
10. Shylane Chief Lettie (Chief), John McCallum, ON

Intermediate Calf (20)

1. Karnview Denver Apricot (Denver), Karnview Farms Inc., ON
2. Miley Analyst Harmony-Red (Analyst), Don Rogers, Far-Away & Stanhow Holsteins, ON
3. Perrinridge Harvest Amarillo (Harvest), Perrinridge Farms Ltd., ON
4. Camflat Crushtime Chicopee (Crushtime), Ava Doner, Emma Farlinger, Ryan Lewis & Select Farm & Export Services Inc., ON
5. Cedarholme Doorman Rosalee (Doorman), Cedarholme Holsteins & Select Farm & Export Services Inc., ON
6. MS Have you Heard-ET (Solomon), Cherry Ridge Farms, ON
7. Legend-Maker Master Charger (Master), David Dyment & Jack Melia, ON
8. Karnvilla Master Gigatron (Master), D.W. Karn Farms Inc., ON
9. Killcroft Analyst Renley (Analyst), Killcroft Holsteins, ON
10. Tomhar Alongside Abby (Alongside), Claire A. Johnston & Plum Valley Holsteins, ON

Senior Calf (21)

1. Eskdale Avalanche Dill-ET (Avalanche), Wadeland Dairy, Justin Hogge & David Dyment, ON
2. Karolstein Flamingo Doorman (Doorman), Dandyland Farm, Hunnyacre & Weswin Holsteins, ON
3. Sweet-Peas Unstop Aleign (Unstopabull), Bill Gibson, Patience Holsteins Inc. & Weswin Holsteins, ON
4. Kingsway Drmn Joe Exotic (Doorman), Kingsway Farms & Tyler Gunby, ON
5. Clarkvalley Luster July (Luster), Certified Holsteins & Clarkvalley Holsteins, ON6.
6. Ronbeth Doorman Lenora (Doorman), Clifford Petty, Select Farm & Export Services Inc., ON
7. Aspiration AXL Lotus (AXL), Bally Bright Farms LTD., ON
8. Bosdale Crushabull Liberty (Crushabull), Rhett Terpstra, ON
9. Karnvilla Unstop Tomato Red (Unstopabull), D.W. Karn View Farms Inc., ON
10. Don-Mair Denver Kenzi (Denver), Karnview Farms Inc & Tyler Gunby, ON

Summer Yearling (6)

1. Karnview Thunder Strike (Thunder Storm), Beckridge Holsteins & Quality Holsteins, ON
2. Sunspark Doc Drixie (King Doc), Ava Doner, Ryan Lewis & Select Farm & Export Inc., ON
3. Frankhaven Octadeen Kathryn (Octadeen), Frankhaven Holsteins, ON
4. Bardown Unstopabull Momentum (Unstopabull), Maplevue Farms, Sam Johnston & Seth Johnston, ON
5. Verda Sidekick Freezing (Sidekick), David Wideman & Marthaven Holsteins, ON
6. Tomalyn Tatoo Domino (Tatoo), Claire A Johnston & Plum Valley Holsteins, ON

Junior Yearling (4)

1. Winright Artist Applause (Artist), Pondbank Farms Ltd., ON
2. Quality DB Hope (Diamondback), Knillgrove Holsteins & Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
3. Duckett Lautrust Belle (Lautrust), Maplevue Farms & Sam Johnston, ON
4. Gore Lane Expander Horizon (Expander), Graham A. Johnston, ON

Intermediate Yearling (3)

1. Oakfield Benefit Miley-ET (Beenfit), Frankhaven Holsteins, ON
2. Dolafton Miami Daytona (Miami), David J Faragher, Rogstein Holsteins & Stanhow Holsteins, ON
3. Dolafton Miss America Red (America 684), David J Faragher & Stanhow Holsteins, ON

Junior Herd (2)

1. Dean Karn, ON
2. Vicky Stere, ON

Milking Yearling (2)

1. Brenland Altitude Lucky (Altitude), Brenland Holsteins, ON
2. Up-Ridge Thunder Storm Rapture (Thunder Storm), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON

Junior 2-Year-Old (9)

1. Garay Apple-Crisp Dania (Apple-Crisp), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
2. OCD Doc Mischievous (King Doc), D2 Genetics, ON
3. Darcroft Doc Sunflower (King Doc), Karnview Farms, ON
4. Bosdale High Octane Luxury (High Octane), Bosdale Farms Inc., & John Hunyady, ON
5. Janefield Cindy Lou Who (Cinderdoor), Whispering Pines Holsteins, ON
6. Walnutlawn Silvio Sonata (Silvio), Brent Sayles & Grand Slam Holsteins, ON
7. Echo Glen Tatoo Amanda (Tatoo), Echo Glen Farm, Jake Kamstra & Savagedale Farm, ON
8. Allarway ST Kick Marmalade (Sidekick), Allarway Holsteins, Sunny Terrace Holsteins & Two-To-Tango Farms Inc., ON
9. Norwind Unstopabull Century (Unstopabull), David J. Faragher, Kaymanor Holsteins, Rogstein Holsteins & Stanhow Holsteins, ON

Senior 2-Year-Old (3)

1. Up-Ridge Chief Lollipop (Chief), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
2. Verda VM Doorman Two Soon (Doorman), David Wideman, Marthaven Holsteins, Stephen Dolson & Dr. Karen Galbraith, ON
3. Bobmur Unstopabull In The Ring (Unstopabull), Bobmur Farms & Jordan Hawthorne, ON

Junior 3-Year-Old (7)

1. Bosdale Kingboy Barbie (Kingboy), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
2. Bosdale Kingboy Tootsie (Kingboy),  Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
3. Echo Glen Beemer Eller (Beemer), Echo Glen Farm, ON
4. Morningmist Solomon Dazzle (Solomon), Morningmist Holsteins, ON
5. Up-Ridge Undenied Gametime (Undenied), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
6. Gouldhaven Solomon Elle (Solomon), D.W. Karn Farms Inc., ON
7. Trentward Doorman Katie (Doorman), Frankhaven Holsteins, ON

Senior 3-Year-Old (7)

1. Savagedale Drmn Willie (Doorman), Echo Glen Farm, Robert Wilmot & Savagedale Farm, ON
2. Avant-Garde DM Songbird (Doorman), D.W. Karn Farms Inc., ON
3. Waybru Slater Suzie (Slater), Waybru Holsteins, ON
4. Bosdale Kingboy Lily (Kingboy), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
5. Trinal Rambo Lush (Rambo), Donelea Holsteins & Frankhaven Holsteins, ON
6. JM Valley Chief Acapella (Chief), Karnview Farms, ON
7. Bobmur GC Gemstone (Gold Chip), Echo Glen Farms, ON

4-Year-Old (6)

1. Glen Islay Sennet Torance (Sennet), Andrew Den Haan, ON
2. Glenbert Dualane Doorman Skylar (Doorman), Glenbert Holsteins, ON
3. Eastedge Renegade 394 (Renegade), East Edge Holsteins, ON
4. Up-Ridge Solomon Lavender (Solomon), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
5. Bobmur Avalanche Nightshade (Avalanche), Bobmur Farms, ON
6. Horizon Crush Rain (Crush), D.W. Karn Farms Inc., ON

5 Year-Old (4)

1. Sweetview Avalanche Mitsou (Avalanche), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
2. JR Goldchip Sassy (Gold Chip), JR Holsteins & Katie Savage, ON
3. Kaymanor Atwood Nemo (Atwood), Kaymanor Holsteins, ON
4. Legacy V M Doorman Too Late (Doorman), David Wideman, Legacy Holsteins & Marthaven Holsteins, ON

Mature Cow (1)

1. Sikmadale Fricosons D Freezie (Doorman), David Wideman & Marthaven Holsteins, ON

Breeder's Herd (2)

1. Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
2. Michael Lupton, ON

Premier Breeder

Bosdale Farms Inc., ON

Premier Exhibitor

Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON