Western NY Spring Dairy Preview Jersey Show 2019

June 14, 2019 @ Hamburg, NY

Morgon McMillan, ON

The Western NY Spring Dairy Preview Jersey Show 2019 is today June 14th at 9:00am in Hamburg, NY. Cowsmo will be covering the show providing live results and photos! The official judge will be Morgon McMillan, ON.

Grand Champion - Open Show

Grand Champion – Open Show

Woodmar Gentry Gin ET (Gentry), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Robert Nagel, NY

Reserve Grand Champion – Open Show

Broyden-DC Minister Jazzy (Minister), 1st Aged Cow, Jessica Brehm, NY

Honorable Mention Grand Champion – Open Show

Do-N-Joy Purespice (Colton),1st Jr. 2-Year-Old, Kristy Ellsworth, NY




Grand Champion - Junior Show

Grand Champion – Junior Show

Woodmar Gentry Gin ET (Gentry), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Robert Nagel, NY

Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show

CREEKSEDGE GATAWAY JAZZYS JAQU (Getaway), 1st Aged Cow, Megmorg Chapman, NY

Honorable Mention – Junior Show

HOOFPRINTS GALV KYLIES KATHERI (Galvanize), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Megmorg Chapman, NY

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion – Open Show

Crossbrook Fizz Little G (Fizz), 1st Spring Yearling, Tabatha Sherbourne, OH

Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show

La-Foster Andreas Harley (Andreas), 1st Fall Calf, Ryan Lawton, NY

Honorable Mention РOpen Show 

Heart & Soul Fizz Faith ET (Fizz), 1st Winter Yearling, Mason Mazzaro, OH

Junior Champion- Junior Show

Junior Champion- Junior Show

La-Foster Andreas Harley (Andreas), 1st Fall Calf, Ryan Lawton, NY

Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show

HC-Radar Valentino Gabby (Valentino), 1st Fall Yearling, Shelby Radar, PA


Spring Calf (5)

1.Heart & Soul Fizz Fantasy (Fizz), Matt Boop, PA
2.Heart & Soul Fizz Fawna- ET (Fizz), Matt Boop, PA
3.South Mountain Harrahs Casino (Harrahs), Erma Wolcott, NY
4.Winspear Comanche Spice (Comanche), Maggie Winspear, NY
5.FVF David Macy (Davide), Eric Hansen, NY

Winter Calf (2)

1.Kevetta Colton Valvita-ET (Colton), Jillian Bond, NY
2.Roc-N-Roll Colton AmazingGrace (Colton), Kristy Ellsworth, NY
M-Signature Teanna Marie (Colton), Duane Cole, OH

Fall Calf (10)

1.La-Foster Andreas Harley (Andreas), Ryan Lawton, NY
2.M-Signature Savannah (Tequila), Duane Cole, OH
3.Hobby Hill Care to Dream (Swagger), Drew Hill, NY
4.Top-Quality Freaky Big Mudder (WD-40), Robert Nagel, NY
5.Underground Rylins Rylee (Gentry), Shelby Radar, PA

Summer Yearling (12)

1.SVHealths Tequila Cassie- ET (Tequila), Bryan Bailey, NY
2.Bella-View Fizz Blush (Fizz), Jullianne Holler, PA
3.La-Foster Hilton Abbey- ET (Hilton), Ryan Lawton, NY
4.Arethusa AJ Luck (Applejack), Faith Avedisian, NY
5.Avonlea Joel Razberry (Joel), Maddin Palmerton, NY

Spring Yearling (8)

1.Crossbrook Fizz Little G (Fizz), Tabatha Sherbourne, OH
2.Lockout Buzzed on Tequila (Tequila), Duane Cole, OH
3.Underground Nat Mamie Nikki (Vaden), Shelby Radar, PA
4.Boreraig Gentry Kitty (Gentry), Robert Nagel, NY
5.Latimore Fireman Iesha (Fireman), Drew Hill, NY

Winter Yearling (8)

1.Heart & Soul Fizz Faith ET (Fizz), Mason Mazzaro, OH
2.HC-Radar Roman Snowcone (Roman), Shelby Radar,
3.FreedomView VictoriousPorkChop (Victorious), Bethany Beirsdorf, NY
4.Hobby Hill Amarillo Sky(Amarillo), Drew Hill, NY
5.Edan Oliver Tizzy (Oliver), Hope Avedisian, NY

Fall Yearling (8)

1.HC-Radar Valentino Gabby (Valentino), Shelby Radar, PA
2.Lawtons Fizz Flicker (Fizz), Ryan Lawton, NY
3.Hobby Hill Adrenaline Rush (Colton), Drew Hill, NY
4.Meadow Winds T Sunny (Tequila), Peggy Bennett, NY
5.Ave-Acres Shooter Doris (Shooter), Hope Avedisian, NY

Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1.Do-N-Joy Purespice (Colton), Kristy Ellsworth, NY
2.M-Signature Colton Lil Kooker (Colton), Duane Cole, OH

Senior 2-Year-Old

1.HOOFPRINTS GALV KYLIES KATHERI (Galvanize), Megmorg Chapman, NY

Junior 3-Year-Old

1.Woodmar Gentry Gin ET (Gentry), Robert Nagel, NY
2.Haven Scent Successor LongShot (Successor), Hope Avedisian, NY
3.CREEKSEDGE HG JAQUIE JOURNEY (Hired Gun), Megmorg Chapman, NY

Aged Cow

1.Broyden-DC Minister Jazzy (Minister), Jessica Brehm, NY