Western NY Spring Dairy Preview Ayrshire Show 2019

June 14, 2019 @ Hamburg, NY

Morgon McMillan, ON

The Western NY Spring Dairy Preview Ayrshire Show 2019 is today June 14th at 9:00am in Hamburg, NY. Cowsmo will be covering the show providing live results and photos! The official judge will be Morgon McMillan, ON.

Grand Champion - Open Show

Grand Champion – Open Show

Jackson-Hill Burdette Kinize (Burdette), Senior 3-Year-Old, Jeff Atherton, NY

Reserve Champion – Open Show 

Jackson-Hill Burdette Jewels (Burdette), Senior 2-Year-Old, Jeff Atherton, NY

Grand Champion - Junior Show

Grand Champion – Junior Show

Jackson-Hill Burdette Jewels (Burdette), Senior 2-Year-Old, Jeff Atherton, NY

Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show

Ave-Acres Lochinvar Kali (Lochinvar), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Faith Avedisian, NY

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion – Open Show 

Stone Springs Pred Deuces Wild (Predator), 1st Summer Yearling, Duncan Bailey,Jeff Atherton, NY

Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show

Jackson-Hill OOB Tyke (Out Of Bounds), Winter Yearling, Rachel Rouland, NY   

Honorable Mention- Open Show 

Palmerton Predator Ninja (Predator), 1st Fall Calf, Mulligan Palmerton, NY



Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion-Junior Show

Jackson-Hill OOB Tyke (Out Of Bounds), 1st Winter Yearling, Rachel Rouland, NY

Reserve Junior Champion-Junior Show

Palmerton Predator Ninja (Predator),1st Fall Calf Mulligan Palmerton, NY

Honorable mention-Junior Show

Alfred State Raney Leona (Raney), 1st Fall Yearling, Courtney Charlesworth, NY


Spring Calf (1)

1.Mar-Leigh Champ Mulberry (Champion), Amelia Brewer, NY

Winter Calf (1)

1.Jackson-Hill Champ Creed (Champion), Jeff Atherton, NY

Fall Calf (3)

1.Palmerton Predator Ninja (Predator), Mulligan Palmerton, NY
2.Westbound’s One More Round (Alaska), Duncan Bailey,Casey & Marshall Hinz, NY
3.Jackson-Hill Alaska Mirage (Alaska), Jeff Atherton, NY

Summer Yearling (4)

1.Stone Springs Pred Deuces WIld (Predator), Duncan Bailey,Jeff Atherton, NY
2.Westbound’s Lady Of The Night (Predator), Duncan Bailey, NY
3.Wall St Reagan Lucille (Regan), Zachary Wolcott, NY
4.Jackson-Hill Dempsey Clarity (Dempsey), Jeff Atherton, NY

Spring Yearling (3)

1.Jackson-Hill Dwhammy Bahama (Double Whammy), Jeff Atherton, NY
2.Hinz-Sight Prime Rosalee (Prime), Casey Hinz, NY
3.ZAM-AYR OPEL (Master), Kevin Herman, NY


Winter Yearling (3)

1.Jackson-Hill OOB Tyke (Out Of Bounds), Rachel Rouland, NY
2.Stone Springs Berkleys Diamond (Berkley), Duncan Bailey, Courtney Luskin, NY
3.La-Holster Burdette Cayenne (Burdetter), Ryan Lawton, Connor Sutton,and Haley Foster, NY

Fall Yearling (1)

1.Alfred State Raney Leona (Raney), Courtney Charlesworth, NY

Senior 2-Year-Old (2)

1.Jackson-Hill Burdette Jewels (Burdette), Jeff Atherton, NY
2.April’s Legacy Tegan (Legacy), Hope Avedisian, NY

Junior 3-Year-Old (2)

1.Ave-Acres Lochinvar Kali (Lochinvar), Faith Avedisian, NY
2.Jackson-Hill Diplomat Kool-Aid (Diplomat), Jeff Atherton, NY

Senior 3-Year-Old (1)

1.Jackson-Hill Burdette Kinize (Burdette), Jeff Atherton, NY