Western NY Regional R&W Show 2021

August 15, 2021 @ Hamburg, NY

Jennifer Thomas, OH

The Western NY Regional R&W Show 2021 took place August 15 in Hamburg, NY. Jennifer Thomas, OH choose Golden Oaks Mercy-RED-ET, 1st place Junior-3-Year-Old as Grand Champion owned by Derek George. Junior Champion honors went to Ranway Sangria Delish (Sangria), 1st place Spring Calf, owned by Bella Winchell.  Cowsmo was on hand covering the show thanks to the Erie County Fair.

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Golden Oaks Mercy-RED-ET, 1st Junior-3-Year-Old, Derek George

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion 
MS E-Skinner Abso Fresh-RED (Absolute), 1st 4-Year-Old Payton Bennet

Junior Champion

Junior Champion 
Ranway Sangria Delish (Sangria), 1st Spring Calf, Bella Winchell

Reserve Junior Champion
Future-Manor Twilyt-RED-ET (Warrior), 1st Winter Calf, Blake Hill

Spring Calf (6)

1.Ranway Sangria Delish (Sangria), Bella Winchell
2. E-Skinner Reve Paradise-RED-ET (Revere), Payton Bennet
3. Rol-N-View Jumpn Silly-RED (Jack), Audrey Mae Ayers
4. Glad-Ray-K Rumchata-RED (Unstopabull), John Barrett
5. La-Ca-De-Le Dina-RED-ET (Warrior), Lucky Kimball

Winter Calf (5)

1.Future-Manor Twilyt-RED-ET (Warrior), Blake Hill
2. Palmerton Jrdy Cleavage-RED (Jordy), Mulligan Palmerton
3. Ms Skinner Altitude-RED-ET (Altitude), Payton Bennet
4.Chari-Dee Sunflower Ra-RED (Rager), Emily Butler
5. Charli-Dee Ruth Analyst-RED (Analyst), Justin Butler

Fall Calf (1)

1.J-Folts Warrior Juliet-RED (Warrior), Issac Folts

Spring Yearling (2)

1.Warriorrd Sugar-RED (Warriorrd), Brandon Nickerson
2. Reality Ave JD Applebee-RED (Jordy), Reality Ave Holsteins

Winter Yearling (2)

1.Country Ayre Killer-RED (Warrior),Sophia Woodis
2. Roll-N-View UN Lenny-RED (Unstopabull), John Barrett

Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1.Roll-N-View Dvr Miami-RED (Devour), Hayden Ayres
2. Sherona-Hill Rosana-RED (Addison), Reality Avenue Holsteins

Junior 3-Year-Old (1)

1.Golden Oaks Mercy-RED-ET, Derek George

4-Year-Old (2)

1.MS E-Skinner Abso Fresh-RED (Absolute), Payton Bennet
2. Sherona-Hill Ruby-RED (Diamondback), Reality Avenue Holsteins

Produce of Dam

1. Lucy Kimball

Dam & Daughter

1. Reality Avenue Holsteins