Western National Heritage Sale 2020

September 2, 2020 @ Richmond, UT

The Western National Heritage Sale took place on Wednesday evening, September 2nd in Richmond, Utah in conjunction with the Western National Holstein Show. A very nice lineup averaged $2,379 on 43 live lots in front of an active crowd. (38 Holstein lots averaged $2,421; 5 Jersey lots averaged $2,060)

High sellers:
Lot 1 – $4,200 – Arizona Unstopa Jojo-Red-ET, a 3/20 Unstopabull out of Scenic-Edge Jordan-Red VG-88 EX-MS 2-year-old Jordy that was HM All-American R&W Summer Yearling and just named Reserve All-Wisconsin R&W Summer Junior 2-Year-Old. Next eight dams are VG & EX with numerous R&W All-American winners and nominees in the family!
Consignor: Jacey & Hadley Ross, Arizona Dairy, Mesa, AZ
Buyer: Kole & Brittnie Peck, Sage Butte Dairy, Richfield, ID

Lot 46 – $4,100 – EskDale Crsbl Bridle-ET, a 12/19 Crushable out of Canyon-Breeze Dem Brinlee EX-94 2E, Grand Champion, Utah State Fair in 2019, then 12 more VG & EX dams back to the Bootpeg/Peggy family!
Consignor: Steve Gillins, Canyon Breeze Holsteins, Minersville, UT
Buyer: Jeremiah Lungwitz, Yuma, CO

Lot 4 – $3,800 – Blackstone Demogorgon-ET, a 9/19 Unstopabull out of a VG-88 Chelios then six more VG & EX dams from the Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate Pala family!
Consignor: Zachary & Danielle Damrow, Blackstone Genetics, Pocatello, ID
Buyer: Xander Harris, Harris Dairyland, Richmond, UT

Lot 16 – $3,700 – Ms Triplecrown Burgundy-ET, a 10/19 Discjockey out of a VG Kingboy, an EX-93 Doorman and then Butz-Butler Gold Barbara, Grand Champion of the 2019 International Holstein Show, and another six EX dams from the Barbies!
Consignor: Steve Gillins, Canyon Breeze Holsteins, Minersville, UT
Buyer: John Mortensen, Melba, ID

Lot 38 – $3,600 – EskDale Arscrt Lucy-Red, a 1/2o Aristocrat-Red out of a GP-83 Kingboy, then four EX dams back through the show winner Dyks Advent Lucy-Red EX-93 2E. 
Consignor: EskDale Dairy, Eskdale, UT
Buyer: Xander Harris, Harris Dairyland, Richmond, UT

High selling Jersey:
Lot 43 – $2,500 – Supreme View Andreas Cabana-ET, a 9/19 Andreas out of seven EX dams from the Norma family at Chuggs Jerseys. 
Consignor: Eric & Misty Evans, Buhl, ID
Buyer: Wadeland Dairy, Ogden, UT

More prices:
Lot 28 – $3,400
Lot 19 – $3,300
Lot 10 – $3,100
Lot 5 – $3,100
Lot 34 – $3,000

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Sale photos