All-Western Holstein Nominations 2017

December 2017 @

The 2017 All-Western Competition, while somewhat smaller in numbers this year, continues to have quality that exceeds all expectations. This year’s nominations came from all across Western Canada with BC Spring, NOK Spring, Calgary Dairy Classic, Leduc Dairy Congress, Vancouver Island Holstein Show, Chilliwack Summer Show, IPE Summer Show and the Westerner Showcase all playing a large role in bringing nominations to the competition. View the 2017 All-Western Holstein Nominations.


Junior Calf (2)

Intermediate Calf (1)

Senior Calf (4)

Summer Yearling (2)

Junior Yearling (3)

Intermediate Yearling (4)

Milking Yearling (3)

Junior 2yr Old (3)

Senior 2yr Old (6)

Junior 3yr Old (5)

Senior 3yr Old (4)

4yr Old (3)

5yr Old (5)

Mature Cow (3)

Breeders Herd (4)

Crestomere Holsteins, AB
Crestomere Gold Chip Vivian, Crestomere Unix Lindor & Crestomere Beemer Verdette
2nd Calgary Dairy Classic, 2nd Alberta Dairy Congress, 6th BC Spring, 4th Westerner Dairy Showcase.

Lovholm Holsteins, SK
Lovhill Braxton Foxy, Lovhill Brokaw Felicity & Lovhill Windbrook Kitkat
2nd Westerner Dairy Showcase.

Mosnang Holsteins Ltd., AB
Mosnang Saloon Liquor, Mosnang Smokin Cheese & Mosnang Corey Eclipse
1st Alberta Dairy Congress, 3rd Westerner Dairy Showcase.

Wendon Holsteins Ltd., AB
Wendon Goldwyn Diode, Wendon Goldwyn Alberta & Wendon Destry Rainy
1st BC Spring, 1st Calgary Dairy Classic & 1st Westerner Dairy Showcase.


4-H Senior Calf (1)

4-H Junior Yearling (1)