Western Canadian Classic Showmanship 2022

August 26, 2022 @ Brandon, MB

Remi Guay, QC

MazergroupThe kids didn’t make it easy on Judge Remi Guay, QC at today’s Western Canadian Classic Showmanship Show. Kyle Vaandrager from Team BC was named Grand Champion followed by Silas de Lange from Team AB as Reserve and Team BC’s Ashlee McAvoy was honorable mention. Thank you to the Mazergroup for sponsoring the coverage of the show!


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Grand Showmanship Champion
Kyle Vaandrager, 1st Senior, Team BC

Reserve Grand Showmanship Champion
Silas de Lange, 1st Junior, Team AB

HM Grand Showmanship Champion
Ashlee McAvoy, BC, 2nd Intermediate, Team BC

Junior Showmanship

1. Silas de Lange, AB
2. Jasmine Lemke, SK
3. Eleanor Slingerland, AB
4. Levi Congdon, AB
5. McKenzie Gyorkos, BC
6. Isabella (Izzy) Staub, AB
7. Chloe VandenDool, AB
8. Sabrina de Vos, BC
9. Skylar Westenenk, BC
10. Reata Lovich, SK

Intermediate Champion

1. Natalie Boonstoppel, MB
2. Ashlee McAvoy, BC
3. Larissa Slingerland, AB
4. Michael Baars, BC
5. Kate McCune, BC
6. Ryan Donohoe, MB
7. Riona Ferguson, BC
8. Brielle Abramoff, SK
9. Carl Andres, MB
10. Rochelle Toth, SK

Senior Showmanship Champion

1. Kyle Vaandrager, BC
2. Ethan Nienhuis, SK
3. Faith Baars, BC
4. Pauline Ferguson, BC
5. Melissa Porteous, MB
6. Kassandra Archambault, BC
7. Isaac  Boonstoppel, MB
8. Nadia de Vos, BC

9. Sylvia Slingerland, AB
10. Lauren Nienhuis, SK

Junior Heats 1, 2 & 3

Intermediate Showmanship Heats 1&2

Senior Heat 1&2