Western Canadian Classic Showmanship 2017

August 25th, 2017 @ Weyburn, SK

Steve Fraser, ON

The Western Canadian Classic 2017 has started.  Grand Champion Showman, Martin Rypma, BC. Clean sweep for team BC. The show is in Weyburn, SK and will feature clipping, showmanship and conformation contests for youth from throughout western Canada.  Live coverage by Cowsmo.




Live Feed & Show Program

Live Feed link  – watch it live here
Show program here

The Western Canadian Classic 2017 will take place August 22nd-26th in Weyburn, SK. The show will feature clipping, showmanship and conformation contests for youth from throughout western Canada.

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Grand Champion Showperson

Grand Champion Showman
Martin Rypma, BC (1st Senior)
Reserve Grand Champion Showman
Kyle Vaandrager, BC (1st Intermediate)
HM Grand Champion Showman
Pauline Ferguson, BC (1st Junior)

Junior Showmanship (32)

  1. Pauline Ferguson, BC
    2. Cayden Hamming, BC
    3. Isaac Boonstoppel, MB
    4. Caitlin Tolson, BC
    5. Jillian Severinski, BC
    6. Simone Huisman, AB
    7. Ethan Nienhuis, SK
    8. Natalie Boonstoppel, MB
    9. Rolynn Bikker, AB
    10. Hannah Van der Linde, AB

Heat 1 Returns

Hannah Van der Llinde, AB
Nicole Verhoef, AB
Natalie Boonstoppel, MB

Heat 2 Returns
Cayden Hamming, BC
Simone Huisman, AB
Travis Pruim, SK
Jillian Severinski, BC
Ethan Nienhuis, SK

Heat 3 Returns

Benjamin Hylkema, BC
Pauline Ferguson, BC
Isaac Boonstoppel, MB
Caitlin Tolson, BC
Rolynn Bikker, AB

Intermediate Showmanship (38)

1. Kyle Vaandrager, BC
2. Nicole Meier, BC
3. Kieran Murrells-Allaway, BC
4. Tara Sweetnam, MB
5. Jordan Vaandrager, SK
6. Alice Hehli, AB
7. Cassandra Knouse, SK
8. Jessica Podschadly, BC
9. Faith Baars, BC
10. Clayton Hamming, BC

Senior Showmanship (25)

1. Martin Rypma, BC
2. Julianne Lavoie, SK
3. Tomas Collier-Panda, BC
4. Matthew Vaandrager, SK
5. Ariana Verbonac, SK
6. Mark Sweetnam, MB
7. Lorna Hamming, BC
8. Michael Podschadly, BC
9. Danica Severinski, BC
10. Michelle Ross, SK
11.Teresa Hylkema, SK
12. Kurtis Severinski, BC