Western Canadian Classic 2014

August 19-23, 2014 @ Abbotsford, BC

Premier Province won by Saskatchewan.  Stall competition won by Alberta. See photos and results from Judging, Clipping, Quiz and Stall.


WCC is hosted each year by one of the four western provinces.   This year WCC is being held in Abbotsford, BC August 19-23, 2014

A total of 100 young adults and youth between the ages of 12-21 take part in many activities.  These activities are clipping, dairy science quiz, judging, stall competition, showmanship and conformation classes.  During these 5 days the youth also participate in fun activities planned for them in the evenings.

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Premier PRovince

1. Saskatchewan
2. Alberta
3. British Columbia
4. Manitoba

High Point Individual

Includes Quiz, Judging, Clipping and Showmanship components

1. Mike Flaman, SK
2. Mike Podschadly, BC
3. Tara Sweetnam, MB

Quiz Results

Junior (40)
1.Tara Sweetnam, MB
2. Dana Andres,MB
3. James Pruim, SK
4. Danielle Groenendijk, BC
5. Emma Van Steekelenburg, AB

Intermediate (36)
1.Mike Podschadly, BC
2. Michelle Ross, SK
3. Marie Cure, MB
4. Megan Baars, BC
5.Teresa Hylkema, SK

Senior (19)
1.Nadine Crosbie, SK
2. Jessie Smith, MB
3. Vicki Wiens, MB
4. Jaclyn Hunter, AB
5. Michelle Schuurman, AB

Overall Judging Results

1.Tara Sweetnam, MB
2.Maxine Chartier, MB
3.Clayton Hamming, BC
4.James Pruim, SK
5.Reuben Vanderlinde, AB

1.Martin Rypma, BC
2.Danica Severinski, BC
3.Teresa Hylkema, SK
4.Lee Morey, AB
5.Lorna Hamming, BC

1.Michael Flaman, SK
2.Michelle Schuurman, AB
3.Jessie Smith, MB
4.Anna Donohoe,MB
5.Shelby Crosbie, SK

Clipping Results

Clipping Judge: Kelwyn Hoeppner
Associate Judge: Thomas Cuthbert

Junior Clipping
1. Jayden Hofstra & Jordan Vandraager, SK
2. Dana Andreas, MB
3. Tyler VanDjk & Alice Hehli, AB
4. James Prium & Colten McAvoy, SK
5. Jordy Stoker & Faith Bassa, MB

Intermediate Clipping
1. Lee Morey, AB
2. Curtis Severinski, BC 3. Kevin VanZossen, SK
4. Mike Podchadly, BC
5. Martin Rypma, BC

Senior Clipping
1. Mike Flaman, SK
2. Lars Iverson, AB
3. Kathryn Crest
4. Jacklyn Hunter, AB
5. Casey Morey, AB

Stall Competition Results

1. Alberta
2. Saskatchewan
3. Manitoba
4. BC

Team Alberta Stall

Team BC Stall

Team Manitoba Stall

Team Saskatchewan Stall

Corn Maize Fun Night

Candids from the Day

Judging Competition & Social Media Seminar

The Dunk Tank

A long standing tradition with the Alberta team is for all Rookies, winners and last year members go in the water tank!  This year we helped out team Saskatchewan with their Senior clipping winner- Mike Flaman